DLRC is proud to announce that its first Super Sunday Internet Auction, #1154, is now live! We know you will be missing some action between the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl, so DLRC Auctions is thrilled to present Sunday Auction #1154 closing on Sunday, January 31. It is a special event featuring a unique offering of U.S. Gold Rarities and our next offering of selections from the D.L. Hansen Collection.

Highlighted by several "top pop" coins, graded by PCGS and NGC, several with CAC approval, the Super Sunday sale is sure to be an attention-grabbing event! With a limited offering of first-run pieces, just 70 rare gold issues and over 110 coins from the greatest collection of U.S. Coins, the D.L. Hansen Collection, will be offered in the special event.

Be sure to browse and bid this special Super Sunday Sale before it closes on Sunday January 31st, between 8-11 pm EST.

1856-D G$1 PCGS MS62+

This is the sole finest known example of this elusive issue from an original mintage of only 1,460 coins. A stunning specimen that is well struck but shows the characteristic weakness at the U of UNITED and the 5 of the date. Satiny, clean surfaces are aglow with bright luster and ideal warm yellow-golden color. An incredibly preserved survivor worthy of the discerning branch mint collector. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

1857-D $2 1/2 PCGS MS62

A historic Condition Census survivor from the Dahlonega Mint, this piece is sure to please even the most discerning collector! Despite the higher mintage, Mint State examples are incredibly rare; in fact PCGS has certified only one example finer! This beauty boasts bright appreciably proof-like fields that provide considerable contrast to the well-struck, frosty design elements. Predominate yellow-gold coloration reveals peach undertones in the fields when tilted under a light. Overall the eye appeal is phenomenal, especially considering the assigned grade!

1846-O $5 PCGS MS62 (OGH)

A stunning and nearly unrivaled piece! This coin has an interesting provenance as it appeared out of an old-time collection at a coin shop in Louisiana in the past 3 months. It proceeded to trade hands on a wholesale basis to a local dealer in the area before it arrived on DLRC's doorstep. This rare Mint State survivor from an original mintage of just 58,000 pieces is tied for finest known PCGS example of this challenging O-Mint issue. Sharp to fully struck throughout, the design elements standout beautifully against distraction free fields. Traces of reflectivity enhance the rich golden surfaces and create fantastic eye appeal. It is truly a unique piece that should be considered for an upgrade at PCGS! Due to the timing of the auction, this piece has not been submitted to CAC.

1874-CC $5 PCGS MS63

Fresh from a European bank, this very scarce and popular CC mint issue is from an original mintage of just 21,198 coins struck.  One of only a handful of uncirculated survivors, only a single MS63+ example has been graded finer than this amazing specimen. A choice piece in all regards, satiny surfaces are devoid of any distracting contact marks and are warmly toned with pretty rose highlights on the obverse. A significant and thrilling opportunity for the advanced Liberty Head half eagle and Carson City Mint enthusiasts. With a MS62 example that is far inferior to this piece coming in at $90k in 2018, this coin is sure to find a new home!

1863-S $5 PCGS MS61

This stunning specimen is tied for the finest known example of this very tough Civil War era gold piece struck at the San Francisco mint. A boldly lustrous example with a semi-reflective quality to the fields gives a beautiful backdrop for the crisply rendered devices to standout against. The eye appeal is phenomenal with no perceptible signs of wear. This rare Mint State survivor is certainly worthy of the advanced collector.

1913 $10 PCGS/CAC MS65+

A fantastic, high-end gem! Ideal honey-golden color and smooth, lustrous surfaces with great eye appeal, this type coin with a lower mintage of 442,000 coins becomes far more difficult to find in gem condition and is especially rare with the CAC seal of approval!

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The following highlights are pieces that have been de-accessioned from the Greatest Collection of U.S. Coins of all-time, the D.L. Hansen Collection. Offered exclusively by DLRC, these pieces were all part of the finest collection of U.S. coins at one time but have since been upgraded by other quality pieces!

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