A Cartful of Captions

A Cartful of Captions

Thanks everyone for submitting captions for our latest DLRC office image caption contest! While the DLRC staff has yet to decide on a winner, we wanted to share some of the hilarious responses we received from our friends across the nation! Readers of our weekly Coins We Love email were asked to caption this photo:

We think you'll find the responses more than met the task:

“I asked for a change of scenery, not a scenery of change...” - G.S.

“Why yes, I am in the 10-item checkout lane. Why do you ask?” - P.J.

“I’m here to pay my parking tickets…” - A.B.

"Officer, somebody just stole my shopping cart while I was sleeping!" -G.H.

"It's that "Jason Smith" guy trying to pay for another 85 inch plasma screen TV with change again..." - Y.B.

“Wait long enough, and everything will change” - A.L.

"I wanted to change the world, but it only amounted to this small change." - T.M.

"2020: Keep Calm and Collect On!" - R.T.

"Walmart self checkout, here I come!" - J.P.

"A basket half FULL! - Coin shortage, What coin shortage?" - S.D.

"Bonnie & Clyde's shopping cart" - D.H.

“Did I get everything on my list? Cents…check. Quarters…check. Nickels…check. Dimes….dimes…dimes… Dang it, I’m already in line.” - B.K.

"Laundry Day at DLRC" - J.S.

“Holy crap these are heavy. How do bank robbers make this look so easy?!” - I.G.

"When you’re about to make it rain inside the laundromat" - T.W.

“Excuse me sir, no common sense allowed beyond this point” - M.S.

“Please wait here… And stay here till you get a USPS clerk to help you…” - M.L.

“World’s worst Bank Robber or Coin Dealer?” - M.K.

"Coin Shortage? Well that doesn't make cents" - J.W.

"Oh Boy now I can buy enough toilet paper for two pandemics and three snow storms!!!!" - P.K.