Auction #1066 is Live. Browse & Bid Now!

Auction #1066 is Live. Browse & Bid Now!

Our Sunday Internet Auction #1066 includes a selection of over 450 New Items, along with 100 No Reserve lots and 30 Vault Value items. All lots will begin closing at 8pm EST on Sunday, May 26th. Some of the more interesting highlights from this week's sale include:

Our first highlight is an 1883 50c PCGS/CAC MS67+. A key, low mintage issue, this coin comes from a tiny mintage of just 8,000 pieces struck! Our example is CAC approved and was assigned the PCGS+ grade for premium quality.

This week's second highlight is a 1907 High Relief $20 PCGS MS64 (Wire Edge). The High Relief Saint Gaudens is one of the most popular of all U.S. numismatic items and this piece is no exception!

The third highlight is an 1851 Humbert $50 PCGS VF30 (RE, 887 THOUS, K-6). A nicely circulated example of this popular piece of California Gold Rush history. Evenly worn with nice overall surfaces, this coin is certain to please the collector/investor who desires an example of a piece of Americana Gold Rush.

The final highlight is an 1864 Original Civil War Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber by C. Roby. An enthralling Civil War relic that came from the great, great, great grandson of a Union cavalry trooper. A nicely original, circulated curved saber that was produced by C. Roby of West Chelmsfort, Massachusetts. The leather grip is well-worn, but the binding and hand protector are still in solid shape. The steel scabbard is also included with this marvelous historic item. The Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber (referred to as the M1860 as this was when the first 800 were issued) was used by U.S. cavalry from the American Civil War until the end of the Indian wars; however, some were still being used during the Spanish-American War. The saber was 41in in length with a 35in blade and weighed 2lb. 4oz by itself and 3lb. 10oz when inside the iron scabbard. The M1860 was smaller, lighter and easier to handle than its predecessor, the Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber, but still had the same leather-wrapped grip, brass guard and steel scabbard. By the end of the Civil War, over 300,000 M1860s were produced. M1860s were carried by many infantry and staff officers as well as cavalry because the M1850 Army Staff and Field Officers' Sword had to be purchased privately. Well-known users include J.E.B. Stuart and George Armstrong Custer. In the later part of the Civil War, cavalry charges were less frequent and the need for the saber was not as high. Many exchanged their sabers for extra revolvers or left them in the saddle while they were fighting on foot with Spencer carbines and Henry rifles. These sabers the cavalry used are also seen in many Westerns as the movie industry purchased original antiques in the 1920s when leftover Civil War equipment was cheap. It is additionally used by some U.S. Army Cavalry units in Color Guards, when in period uniforms or in Dress Blues. Some are even given out as gifts to a departing Cavalry Trooper with their name, rank and dates of service engraved in the scabbard.

Of course there are many other highlights, so be sure to browse all lots in this exciting new sale before it closes on Sunday, May 26th.

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Thanks for browsing our inventory and participating in our auction!

The David Lawrence Numismatic Team