Coins We Love: Auction Closes TONIGHT!

Coins We Love: Auction Closes TONIGHT!

There is a growing crescendo of activity here at DLRC, working its way through the office and into the numismatic world. With the onset of our new auction series, the Red Carpet Rarities, we have seen new bidders and new consignors clamoring for a piece of the pie. The deals just keep coming! Representatives from DLRC will be in New York, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and perhaps New Jersey in the next three weeks alone. So, if you’ve been considering consigning with us or selling your collection and you live in one of those states, now is a great time to reach out, since we will be in the area already.

This week we finished up the Virginia Beach show, hosted by the Tidewater Coin Club, and it was a tremendous success. The show was buzzing with excitement and we enjoyed seeing some familiar faces in the crowd. We also had some young numismatists hang around after the weekend and visit us in the office this week. It is a joy to see so many young folks growing the hobby with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. You’ll be seeing the fruits of our labor this week and next as we continue to list more and more special coins. And honestly, I don’t see an end in sight!

Today marks an exciting milestone for us here at DLRC! For about a year, we have been working on a new, premier, highly-curated auction event where consignors can have their high-end coins highlighted along with coins of similar stature. All of our work culminated in the creation of the Red Carpet Rarities Auctions! Running for four weeks and closing on Thursday evenings, these auction events will feature no more than 100 lots.

Well, today, the inaugural Red Carpet Rarities Auction will come to a close. This auction, as well as the three following Red Carpet Rarities Auctions feature selections from the Helen’s Quarter Collection. A complete run of US Quarters from 1796-1964, this group boasts impressive quality with many rare, CAC-approved examples!

We have already seen active bidding and strong interest in the high-quality coins offered! You don’t want to miss out on this incredible registry set offering. Make sure to visit our website and place your bids early! Bid Now!

Numismatically Yours,

John Call

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