Coins We Love: Baltimore was Just "Fine"

Coins We Love: Baltimore was Just "Fine"

This week is Spring Break for my kids, so we are enjoying a few days at the beach. As a result, I’m a little bit less involved with the ongoings at the office, but it’s a welcome respite from the last six months of travel. The naps, waves, sand, and books are doing their job in anticipation of a big series of upcoming auctions.

The recent Baltimore show felt a bit like "Groundhog Day" as it was a repeat of a familiar place and story. The typical pre-show trading on Tuesday and Wednesday was fine. It wasn’t a glowing experience or a terrible one, it was just fine. Yes, we secured plenty of coins, made our rounds, and saw some old friends, but overall it was just fine.

Now, the best thing about the show was that Whitman is really trying to do a better job taking care of table holders and keeping folks interested. Lori Kraft did her typical, terrific job with the show organization and promotion. Unfortunately, the collectors (and many dealers) just didn’t show up. I chalked this up to the prior week’s major show in Colorado and the negative feedback the city of Baltimore has been dealing with regarding safety. Both were likely issues - the robbery down the street and the car in my hotel parking lot having the wheels stolen don’t help the viewpoint.

However, the show was well-run and the convention center is always safe there. They do a great job with that. It’s simply the extracurriculars and walks to dinner that don’t feel great. For me, there wasn’t a lot of “play” this week. Ordering in was the easier option as there was basketball to watch and there’s not a restaurant in Baltimore that I “have” to go to due to the frequency of our travels there.

Nothing exciting happened, but sometimes that’s ok. We displayed highlights from our upcoming Red Carpet Rarities Auctions and received a fantastic variety of consignments. The importance of service to collectors seems to be growing, which is exactly how things should be!

A few more days of rest and sunshine will help us catch our breath. However, Wes and I will be in Washington DC at the MGM National Harbor for the PCGS members-only event next Wednesday-Friday. So, if you’re in the Nation’s capital for spring break or you live in the area, please stop by. We will have more auction highlights on display and will be buying and selling.

Don’t be a stranger this week! We hope you enjoy this week’s Coins We Love. And, don’t forget tonight’s fantastic Red Carpet Rarities Auction! Even if you’re just browsing, it’s certainly a fun group of some really amazing coins!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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