Coins We Love: Building Relationships One Coin at a Time

Coins We Love: Building Relationships One Coin at a Time

This week’s CWL features a number of high-powered auction coins. As our 2nd Super Sunday Sale ends this Sunday evening, we wanted to share a few of our exciting offerings in this event. We understand that these aren’t a fit for all collectors…in fact, they only fit with a select few, but they are rather exciting coins and we thought that you might enjoy seeing our thoughts on this special auction event.


One of the best parts of buying and selling coins is meeting new people and building strong relationships over time with special customers. Your “favorites” are ones you enjoying talking to each week about their collection, work, family, sports, whatever. These relationships go far beyond just coins and it’s what makes this place so special. However, it’s always difficult when a customer you have developed a tight bond with becomes ill or passes away. That reality hit me again this week when a good friend and customer of mine for many years told me he only had a number of weeks to live. He thanked me for all the advice, honesty, and conversations we had over the years. I told him that it has been a pleasure helping him build his collection and for his faith in my ability to pick out coins I knew he would like. In the thirteen years I’ve known him, he was happy that he only returned one coin he didn’t care for. I’ll take that batting average every time and customers like him any day of the week. Thanks for choosing to work with me over the years and for your friendship and advice. I am better for having known you, Max, and will certainly miss you.


While the relationships we have with these coins are enjoyable, it’s certainly these relationships we have with you, the customer, client, and friend that mean the most to us.

Your Friends at DLRC

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