Coins We Love: Capturing the Coin

Coins We Love: Capturing the Coin

One of the most frequent compliments we receive from our customers is how they love the accuracy of our coin images. We appreciate this feedback as we go to great lengths to provide the very best and most accurate images possible.

We wanted to take this week's Coins We Love email to highlight our imaging staff of Terrence Wiggins, Ryan Lofits, Jennifer O’Brien, Dustin Keesee, and Noah Rakes. We also wanted to explain our system to give you a better grasp on the care we take with our images, the quality we strive for, and the goal to make the images look like the in-hand appearance.

Our dedicated imaging staff of experienced technicians work day in and day out to produce the images you see portrayed on our website. Set up in their own space we call our “imaging lab” (as no other duties or functions are performed there) our imaging team typically crank out 500-700 new images per week. These images are captured with state-of-the-art digital equipment and professional light settings to ensure we produce the cleanest and most accurate images possible. We do not enhance any of our images in any way, because our mission is to show each coin to you as it would look in hand.

Each batch of coins that are imaged then passes through our quality control process where Marty Sabio, our Imaging Manager, scrutinizes each image for quality and eye appeal. Once a coin passes our QC process, it goes into the auction setup and eventually gets listed in one of our weekly online auctions.

After it is listed, we then have a finalized image review from a website perspective done on all auction items. John Fatigate (former imager) completes this step and kicks out any we feel could be done better. These items go back to the lab and the process starts all over again until we are completely happy with the coin’s image. Once a customer receives a coin in hand they understand and appreciate how our process works and typically give us positive feedback on the results.

We hope you found this blurb interesting and that you enjoy seeing the highlighted coins below. Julia picked out another great selection for you this week, so we hope something catches your eye! As always - thanks for reading!

Numismatically Yours,

Jason Smith

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