Coins We Love: Central States Edition

Coins We Love: Central States Edition

Chicago…err. No. Schaumburg. Yesterday was setup for the CSNS show, and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people wondering the bourse looking for coins. The dealer to dealer business Chicago…err. No. Schaumburg. Yesterday was setup for the CSNS show, and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people wondering the bourse looking for coins. The dealer to dealer business was quite a bit more active than expected. While no “buzz” ever developed, it was consistently busy.

While nothing exciting left our cases or was added to our suitcases to go home, we acquired a lot of nuts and bolts for our inventory including a few special pieces that we look forward to highlighting in the next few weeks. Particularly exciting was the unexpected number of Morgan Dollars that we moved along to several different dealers. The overall highlight of the trip so far though can be seen below in a delicious Chicago Pan Pizza. While we certainly can’t make this a regular treat to our diet, it was a fantastic meal and it’s what keeps us coming back to Chicago! :)

One of the most interesting and humorous stories that we heard today was from a friend of ours who arrived in Chicago O’Hare and tried to check in to his hotel in the Rosemont Convention area…only then did he find out he had to take another 30 minutes in a cab to get to the show location. We understand how it’s confusing out here, but our wives and team members in the office keep us straight to make sure that we arrive at the right locations…

Thursday is the first full day of activity at the show as the doors open for public attendance. It has so far been an incredibly active day, at times we even had 5 to 10 people sitting at the table looking at coins! We were rather shocked but obviously pleased with the turnout so far. Hopefully that holds true for the rest of the week as well. If you’re in the area, please drop by! We certainly would love to see you, and we’ll try to offer a piece of chocolate at the table. If you buy something, we’ll even give you one of our new pens. Other dealers have been raving about them, so we’ve become possessive of the instruments so that they don’t all disappear. We hope that you enjoy this week’s version of the CWL, and please feel free to give us a call or make an offer if anything is of interest!

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

1900 5c PCGS MS67

Why we love it: Beautiful pastel tones to both sides. Excellent registry piece with just 11 graded in MS67 with none finer.

Value: Reserved at the lower end of auction records at $4,875. At this level, we feel that someone will get a nice value and not pay any premium for the gorgeous toning.

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1885 G$1 PCGS/CAC Proof 65 (OGH)

Why we love it: Beautiful Type 3 Proof Gold Dollar with smooth surfaces and fantastic eye appeal. Added appeal of the OGH PCGS slab and CAC approved for quality.

Value: Last auction record for this piece was just over $11,000 in 2015. Reserved now at $10,500!

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1920-S 1c PCGS MS64 RD

Why we love it: The 1920-S is a date that is very scarce with the Red designation. In fact, there are only 13 coins graded by PCGS as MS65, and they have brought well over $45,000 in auctions. That makes the MS64 Red one of the few affordable examples available. We haven’t offered a comparable example since 2012, and we think that the quality of this piece is one of the nicest 64s in existence. In fact, we submitted this coin for PCGS to reconsider a few times in hopes of a higher grade.

Value: Several very unattractive examples have accounted for some lower auction records, but we have found that nice coins have sold privately for more than the CPG price of $1,980. This week this near-gem example is available via Make Offer for just $1,800, a mere $150 over the wholesale Greysheet bid price.

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1868-S 50c PCGS/CAC MS65

Why we love it: Nice and original example of this tough S-Mint issue. One of just 18 total graded in MS condition with only two finer.

Value: The last auction record for the MS66 was $17,625. Being the only MS65 graded at PCGS (and CAC approved), we feel that a savvy collector will scoop this one up at the reserve level of $10,500 and put it away for many years.

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1872 1c PCGS/CAC MS64 BN

Why we love it: The 1872 issue is one of our favorite dates in the Indian Cent set. This lovely brown example exhibits truly smooth surfaces and nice underlying luster. That with the added seal of approval from CAC makes this a fantastic opportunity for an underrated date.

Value: The PCGS price guide lists this piece at $1,700, but with comparable price records in the $1,500 range, we wanted to add another incentive (besides the quality!) and make this coin available for just $1,475 via Make Offer.

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1879-O $1 PCGS MS66

Why we love it: The 1879-O is severely underappreciated in gem condition as only 22 pieces are graded as MS66. This glossy, white piece is as nice of an example as you will find eye-appeal wise and is destined for one of the nicest dollar collections.

Value: The CPG price of $21,300 and PCGS Price Guide of $21,000 is in-line with what other retailers have asked for similar pieces, but we’ve made an effort to offer this at the very best price, and at a great value in our eyes of $17,000 via Make Offer. The wholesale Greysheet price of $17,000 supports this very reasonable offer, and we hope that an advanced collector who can really appreciate the quality and luster obtains this difficult piece for their cabinet.

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1842-O H10c PCGS/CAC XF45

Why we love it: From a seemingly plentiful mintage of 350,000 pieces, this date is prohibitively difficult to locate, especially without some type of cleaning or damage.

Value: This XF piece with a CAC sticker is just a choice example that is perfect for the collector who doesn’t want to fork out several thousand dollars more for a marginally better quality coin. Typically priced at $875, we’ve dropped it to $750 this week via Make Offer and think that it will certainly gain some attention due to the scarcity of such a piece.

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1915-S Panama-Pacific $2 1/2 PCGS/CAC MS64 (OGH)

Why we love it: Only 6,749 coins struck. One of the most popular of all the gold Commemorative issues, the Pan-Pac $2 1/2 gold is quite scarce and desirable for its beautiful design. High-end example in OGH PCGS slab and CAC approved for quality.

Value: Reserved just above Greysheet bid at $4200, this one should be gone by auction close this Sunday.

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