Coins We Love: 😳Christmas Shopping?!😳

Coins We Love: 😳Christmas Shopping?!😳

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the middle of November. In fact, I’ve had several phone calls this week to set up meetings and events for the upcoming FUN show in January. I’m truly not ready for that, but the calendar won’t wait. And, it's 45 days until Christmas (at least that’s what Google told me today), so I guess I have to start some holiday shopping!

As far as holiday shopping for DLRC is concerned, John Call and Andy just returned from Texas with a boatload of coins from a collection. While there was some bullion, currency, and some other odds and ends, there was a wide swath of type coins and some high-quality uncertified coins in the classic Dansco albums. While everyone knows that we specialize in certified US coins, this collection tested our boundaries a bit but shows that we’ll literally buy everything. We’re not trying to cherrypick the best material. When the time comes to sell, we’ll try to make it quick and easy for you, with the added benefit of utilizing our auction process if you want to try to maximize your coins’ value. This wasn’t written as an advertisement, but more of an update on how things end up in DLRC’s hands and what’s going on this week.

Currently, we’re knee-deep in website updates that you will see around the turn of the year and some improvements to our office location. Of course, we'll stop all of that progress if a collection comes our way! With buyers in all four corners of the United States, if it makes sense for us to come to you, we will. Or we can make it easy on you and have the coins shipped to our office for a more expedient process.

Have a great week and we hope that you enjoy this week’s Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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