Coins We Love: đź’°Coin Market Recapđź’°

Coins We Love: đź’°Coin Market Recapđź’°

The coin hobby doesn’t really have “seasons” as there is always activity somewhere across the internet, but the same doesn’t always hold true for shows. We returned from the recent Whitman Baltimore Show last week and the result was exactly what we expected. The show was incredibly well-run but was lacking in the number of active collectors attending. The Summer Baltimore and Long Beach Shows have always been the lesser of the trio of events, but they are still worth attending. We acquired some new inventory and consignments and we were able to touch base with a number of old and new friends. In a way, it was a pleasant respite from the shows that have recently been crazy. It gave us a chance to actually talk with a number of customers that we haven’t had the chance to sit down with since the pandemic began. What does this customarily slower show mean for the current market? Well, that’s the $10,000 question. In our opinion, it’s simply a slightly slower time for the hobby as folks are now able to utilize vacation time and get away for a little bit. We don’t see weakness in the overall auction market as our sales are continuing to grow in strength, but the wholesale market is a little slower. No market can continue to jump in price without taking a breath. And, with the outside economic issues in the world, we expected things to slow down and find their place. There’s still demand and we have yet to see drops in values…we have simply seen more stabilization. The real test of the market will be in August with the ANA World’s Fair of Money. As for the next 2 months, we suspect that we’ll see more of the same with strength in the auction business and the scarcity of fresh deals coming out, causing a frothiness amongst dealers to swipe up the quality items preparing for the ANA show.

I hope that this market update has been interesting - It’s actually more than I intended to write! Keep reading to view the pieces we have highlighted in this week’s Coins We Love. We appreciate your viewing and hope that you find these offerings to be intriguing as well!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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