Coins We Love: 🚩Coin Traffic Controllers🚩

Coins We Love: 🚩Coin Traffic Controllers🚩

This week DLRC has felt as much like a logistics company as it has a rare coin company. You wouldn’t think that logistics play a huge part in this industry, but it’s actually a very key piece of the puzzle. Just this week we had to arrange getting three secured carrier shipments for high-value coins going across the country, picking up a collection in Pennsylvania, getting another collection shipped to our home office, travel plans for the upcoming FUN show, as well as our typical several hundred orders out the door to collectors. Add all this on top of the busy holiday season and suffice it to say we've had our hands full. So with the last three days worth of logistics behind us, today we get to sort through coins!

I mentioned that we picked up a collection this week…well, what does a coin collection look like? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any collection that looks exactly like another. John Call (who I’ll forever just call JC now) and Andy picked up this collection from a long-time customer of ours in Pennsylvania. Going in we knew about the 12 boxes of certified bust coinage, but we were in for a surprise with all the other pieces this collector had accumulated over the years. All in all, JC and Andy spent three full days going over EVERYTHING in the collection. While these coins would have been just fine for auction (and we offered that option), ultimately the collector decided to sell outright once he received our offer. And I have to mention the reaction, as it was one that we had never encountered. Most of the time you get rather measured responses as the offer is fair and acceptable. Occasionally you encounter frustration because the collector was oversold by over-hyped collectibles sellers, but this response was groundbreaking. The collector heard the offer and teared up, he became so emotional he had to take a seat. JC and Andy weren’t sure what to make of his reactions as it wasn’t clear if it was a happy or sad response. After a few seconds (which seemed like hours), it turned out that the tears were joyful. The collector and his wife were thrilled and everyone walked away with a feeling of satisfaction.

This is exactly why we love what we do! This was the culmination of two decades of a relationship, that was mostly between Matthew Kavalek and the collector. Not only did we help him put together his collection, we also got to help when the time came to sell.

I’ve teased with what a collection looks like…well, this one was rather unique in size, but this picture says it all! Keep in mind, the suitcases are full as well. We can’t wait to dig into this over the next week and piece it together.

As for now, we’ll stick to these CWL highlights and we hope that you enjoy browsing our offerings here and on the website!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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