Coins We Love: 🎵Come and Knock on Our Door🎵

Coins We Love: 🎵Come and Knock on Our Door🎵

It’s been a hectic but good week at DLRC. With the calendar turning to November, we find ourselves getting ready for the Whitman Baltimore show next week. In all honestly, I think that the pandemic has made us forget about how much work it is to get ready for a major show. Yeah, we did one in August, but we had 18 months to get ready for it! Baltimore seems to have snuck up on us. Once it’s over, we’re looking at the holidays and then the FUN Show. So, I guess this means we’re getting back in the saddle again. But, it doesn’t quite feel right just yet. Maybe next week, when we’re knee deep in negotiations, buying and selling coins, and seeing old friends for the first time in a few years it’ll feel “right” again. But right now, we have to reprice about 600 coins, start three auctions in eight days (Take a look at the one closing this Sunday with an amazing collection of $3 Gold!), and process everything else that seems to be coming our way. It’s a busy time, but it’s a great time.

This week the packages continued to flow into the office and we were able to start working on some collections that we’ve been building for over 20 years! These events are what makes things interesting as we get to see coins that we placed with collector-friends many years ago. These great friends are welcome back any time! And, to add to the incoming packages, Andy, former intern now marketing guru extraordinaire (and editor of this paragraph), brought us a huge raw deal of type coins. These won’t make the website as we don’t offer uncertified pieces online, but it certainly adds to the different flavors of collections we offer at DLRC. We get our rolls of wheat cents and we get some amazing pieces from the Hansen Collection, which you’ll see coming up in the auction we start next week. Our 4th installment of the Super Sunday Sale will be launching on Tuesday, including some freshly de-accessioned pieces from the Hansen Collection. With a focus on type coins and Barber Halves, there are some true gem coins that will be re-entering the marketplace. And if you want to compare these fresh offerings to the primary D.L. Hansen Set of Barber Halves (Proof and Circulation Strike), we’d invite you to drop by our table in Baltimore Thursday or Friday. While we previously had this set on display at the ANA show, we’re bringing it with us to Baltimore as well before it heads back home. So, if you find yourself near the east coast next week, please drop by. We’d love to see you!

After that, we’ll start our planning for the holiday season…and the New Year. It’s hard to imagine that we’re close to turning the calendar over, but now that it’s dark outside at 4pm, we’ll look forward to some extra daylight in 2022.

We sincerely appreciate you checking out this week’s Coins We Love. If you see anything of interest, please don’t hesitate to throw in a bid or go ahead and purchase it at our discounted special pricing. We’d love to work with you that way. If you’re closer to selling than buying, that’s okay too! Let us know. We can still get your coins into our Super Sunday Sale if you talk to us by Friday and we’ll even cover shipping on packages over $25k in value. There might be other places that can get your coins in auction in two days, but I don’t know who they are… so hopefully this at least makes you think about us!

Thanks again for everything and we hope to talk to you this week or see you in Baltimore!

Numismatically Yours,
John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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