Coins We Love: Countdown to the World’s Fair of Money

Coins We Love: Countdown to the World’s Fair of Money

This week there was an opportunity to attend a regional show in St. Louis, but we declined on the trip as it’s surprisingly difficult to get to St. Louis from Norfolk. It turns out sometimes it’s just better to be in the office as collections and deals seem to find their way to you…and when they're from collectors instead of dealers, it gets us a little more excited. This week we had a deluge of packages arriving, holding everything from raw Morgan Dollars to some exciting highlights that you’ll see upcoming in our Super Sunday Sale in August. Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the coins have come our way and we thank each of you that answered our call for consignments.

Next week I’ll find myself teaching a class to Young Numismatists in San Francisco with some experts from PCGS and several other national dealers. While I’ve taught classes in the past at the ANA Summer Seminar, it has been quite some time, so when I was offered the opportunity to join the group at the Witter Coin University, I was excited. Those of you who read this “column” regularly, will know how much I appreciated those who took the time to teach me as I grew up in this hobby. And now that I have the opportunity to share that passion with others, I’m thrilled to do so. The class we’re teaching is entitled something along the lines of Fundamentals of Numismatics, Coin Grading, and Ethics. It’s a mouthful, but I have to admit that I’m most looking forward to sharing my insights on the fundamentals of the hobby, the opportunities that it can offer to you, both personally and professionally, and the most under-discussed issue amongst dealers - ethics. It promises to be an interesting week and I hope to be able to share a little bit about the event next week.

In other news at the office, we’re getting ready for the ANA World’s Fair in August. Our bags are almost all packed with supplies and we’re itching to go! It will actually have a slightly different feeling this year though as there are no live auctions going on during the show. I guess this is better for opportunities for dinner with clients and friends at the show, but it’s certainly not something we’re used to. Hopefully we're not too exhausted from the event itself to be able to use that extra week to figure bids for the sales. All I know is that we’ll see… the energy from the numismatic world about the upcoming event is certainly electric. We’re almost there and we can’t wait!

John Brush

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