Coins We Love: 👏Customers before Coins👏

Coins We Love: 👏Customers before Coins👏

This has been a fun week at DLRC as we spent a considerable amount of time re-organizing parts of our office to make it a better experience for everyone. With a few moved desks and a bigger storage area, the office feels like a new home! The clean-up was prompted by the fact that we had a film crew from PBS visiting last week interviewing us about coins as collectibles. It was an interesting experience and we’re looking forward to seeing the final result in a month or so!

On the coin front, we’re continuing to get ready for the FUN Show in early January and wrapping up some year-end pieces as we typically do in December. And while most things seem to remain the same here, we’re slowly seeing changes across the board in many areas of numismatics. We like cents, nickels, and dimes, but “change”, for the sake of change or for a purely monetary gain, concerns us. In a rising market, as we’ve seen in the past 2 years, the environment is certainly good for long-term collectors, dealers, sellers, and such…but it can be difficult for buyers, especially uneducated buyers. The influx of new collectors is great for all of us, but it behooves dealers, grading services, non-profit organizations, and the like to offer even better services for these new collectors to instill their long-term interest in the hobby. We have an amazing opportunity right now to continue to grow the hobby, but I hope that these ancillary organizations and the dealers that are growing in numbers across the country can see the need for this level of service despite their record profitability.

Jason made a statement to a customer yesterday that really resonated with me and I’ve been stirring it around in my mind. The customer just sold a group of coins in our auction and has a collection that will be coming up. In the collection there were some coins that we wanted to offer all options to and Jason told him something along the lines of, "We care about coins, but we can more about the people that collect them." Jason hit the nail on the head. These relationships that we build with our customers are so much more than the coins we’re placing with them. We DO love the coins, but we realize that the long term is far more important than a single transaction…and it’s always in our best interest to put the relationship first above a transaction. So, hopefully we can continue to pursue the goal of treating collectors that way and I hope that as a global hobby, we’re able to find that common ground in the coming months.

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Numismatically yours,
John Brush

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