🌟Coins We Love: Dazzling Dahlonega Gold🌟

🌟Coins We Love: Dazzling Dahlonega Gold🌟

We’ve entered the post-ANA time of year where school starts back up, coin dealers are paying their bills from the ANA show auctions, and there’s a lull in the action. Historically, the lulls come 3 times a year: April’s tax season, the post-ANA exhaustion period, and around the Holidays in December. However, as the coin world has shifted to an internet basis, these lulls have changed drastically. In fact, they don’t really exist the way we have known them for most of our career. While the phones don’t ring off the hooks, the online action doesn’t slow at all. In fact, last weekend was one of our busiest Labor Day events that we’ve seen. While we’ve continued to tout the activity in the coin market for the past year, this shows us that it’s still continuing and possibly growing stronger. The coming weeks will be an interesting “tell” as a number of regional shows occur towards the end of the month, with the return of the Long Beach Expo as well. However, the live auction component of these shows seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. Frankly, I liked having a week after the ANA to ready myself for the ANA week sales. It certainly reduced the number of live bidders, but being able to participate from my couch at home was quite an improvement over sitting in a conference room at a convention center until midnight! However, as long as the lot viewing is still made available to potential bidders the results will still be comparable - the one remaining improvement necessary is the photography of certain pieces. When this improves to a level beyond where it is today, I could imagine the virtual auction world completely dissolving the need for “live” auction events at shows. I think that this isn’t good for the longevity of trade shows as they exist today, but that’s another story for another day.

In this week’s CWL, we’re featuring a selection of pieces from the Abbeville Collection of Dahlonega Gold. A complete set of Dahlonega gold from dollars to half eagles, there are selections for everyone from collectors who appreciate the registry quality pieces to those who just want to have an “affordable” example of Dahlonega gold in their collections. It’s a fascinating group and one that we’re happy to be able to offer as it truly fits gold collectors of all types. It’s hard to pick a favorite amongst the coins, but the rare PCGS 1.1 holdered 1854-D $3 seems to be a fan favorite along with the 1861-D Gold Dollar. We hope that you enjoy reading about a few of these pieces and enjoy the auction as it closes on Sunday evening!

Thanks again for reading and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you (virtually for now!).

Numismatically Yours,
John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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