Coins We Love: Dealer Differences

Coins We Love: Dealer Differences

As Robert Burns wrote in 1785, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…” I was intending to do a mini Hansen Collection update this week, but in honor of college football starting this weekend, I’m going to have to punt that until next Thursday.

The coin business is chugging along and the market is solid. There seems to be a shortage of “fresh” and “interesting” coins, but collectors are pursuing other coins that fit their interests. I find it very interesting that the wants and needs of dealers are often quite different from collectors.

We don’t play the grading game as our goal is to simply buy nice, attractive coins for collectors, so our wants and needs are often quite different from other companies. Because of this, we’re still able to source coins from our long-term customers and our other regular sources. Our margins may not be as good since we’re not going for the home runs every week, but we’re quite comfortable with our consistent approach. Heck, we can’t all be the 1927 Bronx Bombers (or the 2023 Atlanta Braves?). We’re often reminded that the tortoise won the race, so we’ll stick with our system of building collections and working with a wide range of collectors.

So, why the punt and the baseball analogies you may ask? It’s not because of the beautiful weather this week (but that didn’t hurt!). However, we did have an unexpected issue in our office this week that disabled our shipping department. Don’t worry, it wasn’t personnel-related and everything else is fine, but we’ve had our hands full getting that department back up and running. Our goal is to have shipping running again by Wednesday (maybe earlier!).

Thanks as always for reading and we hope that you enjoy this week’s Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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