Coins We Love: End of the Year Rush

Coins We Love: End of the Year Rush

This has probably been the busiest holiday season we’ve seen in numismatics! With the number of collections we’ve had coming in at the office over the last few weeks, we’ve been processing, imaging, and evaluating coins left and right. This is an exciting time, but it often puts our eyes in tunnel vision and makes us ask “Is everyone selling?”. The good news is the answer is "no".

As a result of these collections, we’ve had some work to do that brought us to the PCGS Members Only Show in Las Vegas this week. It’s the first time we’ve attended one of these numismatic soirees in over a year! Everyone is saying that it’s the busiest event they’ve seen in years. Nearly all of the major national dealers are here buying and selling and the activity has been shocking. December has always been a “cool down” and “take a vacation” month for coin dealers prior to the FUN Show in January. I guess that’s no longer the case as the coin market here sure is hopping. The market is certainly not slowing down and the overall activity is quite energizing.

I’m going to stop here as I have to head to the show, but I’ll try to wrangle together some further thoughts next week and wrap up a little more on this end-of-year numismatic event. Maybe I’ll share some photos from the College Football Hall of Fame Induction that we happened upon in the hotel next door. There’s never a dull moment at DLRC, that’s for sure. Thanks again for reading and enjoy this week’s Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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