Coins We Love: Events Galore!

Coins We Love: Events Galore!

This week’s CWL comes to you from a recovering FUN Show team. Why are we recovering? Let’s just say that airlines don’t make traveling as easy as it used to be. Sometimes the best laid-out plans don’t often work out. But we made it home eventually and our luggage came to us the next day.

The show was fantastic and collectors were out in full force. The Florida sun was hot, but the bourse was cool (and red hot at the same time). We sold more coins to collectors than we ever expected and covered every inch of the bourse searching for new material. We walked away with several boxes of really nice material that should hold us over until the ANA World’s Fair in 2 weeks. So, we’re getting back into the swing of things after an unexpectedly busy show and a difficult travel regimen. Overall we can’t complain and we’re just going to pack up to see what is next!

Next week, I’ll be off to San Francisco to teach 40 Young Numismatists at the Witter Coin University event. This year we’ve added more instructors and a YN coin show to wrap up the event. We’re all super excited about this annual event and we hope to light a fire under a new crop of collectors/dealers. The hobby is certainly not hurting for young blood and this is one of the most encouraging and exciting events that we get to participate in all year.

Upon my return, we get to start packing up for the ANA show! We’ll have quite a crew there, so if you’re planning on coming to Pittsburgh, let us know and we’ll look forward to meeting you. Thanks again for reading this week’s Coins We Love and we hope to hear from you real soon!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and the DLRC Team

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