Coins We Love: 🌴FUN Times🌴

Coins We Love: 🌴FUN Times🌴

Unfortunately, we’re coming in a day late this week with our Coins We Love, but we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. This week has a large number of the folks from our office at the FUN Show in Orlando. While operations are still moving efficiently back in the office, the typical CWL commentators have been busy buying, selling, and trading coins, as well as meeting with folks from all parts of the hobby. It has been a really interesting week and we will certainly provide more background insight and an update on the show next week, but we’ll be a bit more concise today.

These weeks are always fascinating, educational, and incredibly busy, and while the days are short, the week seems rather long. Suffice to say that it’s been an incredibly productive week and the attendance has been rather impressive. The coin market seems to be steady, collectors are buying coins if you have what they want. Is there some price resistance? Maybe a little more than we experienced in the last two years, but I would suggest that it’s more of a stable market instead of a dramatically increasing one right now. Some have suggested that while coins did go up in value over the past three years, they didn’t skyrocket like many other collectible investments like trading cards, NFTs, real estate, and the like. This has in turn prevented the drastic market corrections we see elsewhere. Overall, we’ve been quite pleased with this jumpstart to 2023, but we’ll talk more next week when we’ve had a chance to examine it in the rearview mirror instead of from the hustling bourse floor.

Thanks again for reading and we hope that you enjoy some of this week’s Coins We Love!


John Brush

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