Coins We Love: Going the Extra Mile

Coins We Love: Going the Extra Mile

The latest development at DLRC is the ability, or comfort level, to be able to travel for coins once again. This week John took off into the blue skies to visit some dealer friends, pick up a fantastic consignment from a long-time customer, and hit a small show in Sarasota. This may not seem like anything super exciting, but when you have been cooped up in the office for so long, even a quick 3-day trip to the Sunshine State is a welcome change of pace. While it's worked out well and we've adapted to getting most everything shipped into our office - we are ready to travel to you! If you have been holding off sending on coins for sale and ready to let go of some or all of your collection, now is the time. Just contact us to go over the material and we will make the process of receiving, pricing, and selling your certified coins easy and enjoyable – just like coin collecting should be!

We learned so much from our recent survey that we’d like to ask a few more specific questions, this time regarding our CWL. First, here is brief summary of feedback we received from our last one. We found that 50% of our customers are newer (1-5 years) and the next biggest category with 21% were customers with us 10 years plus. We learned that 80% of our readers have participated at least occasionally in our weekly auctions and over 25% participate weekly. We were pleased to have the highest percentage categories tripped for customer service and recommending DLRC to other friends. We scored well with overall website experience, but realize there is still some more work to be done in this area. Overall, the amount of positive comments was truly appreciated as well as the thoughtful suggestions on how to improve. This time we’re focusing on what type of information and coin offerings would appeal to you in our Coins We Love email. Please take a minute respond to this survey here and we will be happy to read over your comments and base future topics and coin offerings accordingly.

Until next week – happy browsing!


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