Coins We Love: Happy Holidays!

Coins We Love: Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the emails last week. As I mentioned, it was a little odd to be discussing the family adventures in Las Vegas, but I appreciated the kind words…and at some point I guess we just have to own who we are. At DLRC we’re not an unidentifiable corporation. We’re real people, that love coins and what we do. And sometimes that includes adventures in numismatics with our kids! And because I have my hands full of coins this week, we have a guest writer this week who wanted to share a brief story that happened to him last week. -John Brush

When you love what you do for a living, it shows in everyday life, and folks pick up on it. I recently had a real-life example of this while out at a nice dinner with some good friends and fellow numismatists that were visiting here in Virginia Beach. While the conversation touched on the everyday topics (and of course the excellent food), our discussions circled around the nuances of grading coins, finding fresh deals, the state of the rare coin market, and of course the convenience and excitement of CACG, our new neighbor in town.

After an hour or two of in-depth and entertaining discussion, we stood up to leave and head home for the evening. But as we began walking towards the door, a man came over to me and introduced himself. Within moments, the reason for his kind interruption became clear as he said, “pardon me, I am so sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear some of your conversation at dinner.” You can probably guess the rest of our discussion. His mother-in-law had a lot of coins, and no one knew what to do with them. I happily listened and gave him my contact information, assuring this fellow that I would be more than happy to assist his mother-in-law. Afterwards, as we walked to the parking lot, my friends and I had a good laugh about how deals seem to fall in my lap even while out at dinner!

Like I said, when you love what you do, folks can’t help but see it, hear it, and respond accordingly. And the fun thing about coins is that almost everyone has a few (sometimes a few thousand)! We hear from people every week that ask us to look at their coins. Sometimes their “collections” are just a random assortment of oddities, other times it consists of coins bequeathed to them by a parent or grandparent, and of course occasionally something very valuable is presented to us. Whatever the case, finding a trustworthy coin dealer to help you make decisions can make the evaluation and sale much smoother, and much more profitable. That said, if there is any way we at DLRC can assist you with your collection, we are more than happy to – just give us a call or send us an email. Or... feel free to come up and talk to us after (or during!) a fine meal! We are here for you.

Numismatically Yours,

John Call

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