Coins We Love: Happy Memorial Day

Coins We Love: Happy Memorial Day

This week was full of unexpected events. On Sunday I found myself scheduling a last minute trip Utah to visit the D.L. Hansen Collection for an evening before venturing to the PCGS Las Vegas Invitational show for a few days of buying coins. It was a fascinating trip as it gave me an opportunity to plan for the upcoming few months as far as our strategy with the triplicates from the Hansen Collection and upcoming exhibit opportunities for major shows. The tail-end of the trip in Las Vegas involved lots of coin viewing at the show and an unexpected interview for an upcoming PCGS social media program. While I’m not returning with the multiple suitcases of new purchases, I was able to procure a nice selection of coins, mostly in the under $5k category, which is always a treat as it brings me back to my roots in collecting.

As the major shows have taken a long hiatus due to COVID, the PCGS Invitational shows have continued and they have done a fantastic job given the situation. In fact, we’ve decided to whet our feet back into the bourse floor events with their next show in June. We’re planning on attending June 15th - 18th, in their replacement for the Whitman Baltimore show, and we’ll even bring a few coins to share. If you’re planning on attending, please let us know. Julia and I will be manning the table with some interesting items on display and maybe a few special guests. We hope that we can remember how to handle coin shows again! We’re considering it our warm-up for the August World’s Fair of Money, with hopes that it’s like riding a bike…Stay tuned as that could be an interesting week of vignettes and events.

As for now, we’ll leave you with a few highlights to enjoy viewing below. As always if you have questions, concerns, or if we can help you with ANYTHING, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. As this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, our office will be closed on Monday, so please be patient with us in our shipping and responses next week. We’ll also be closing the office a little early on Friday for the holiday weekend. And more importantly, we hope that you will take this Memorial Day to remember those who courageously gave their lives for our country.

Numismatically yours,
John Brush

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