Coins We Love: How Was Baltimore?

Coins We Love: How Was Baltimore?

The summer Baltimore Show has forever been considered an underwhelming show, as many of the larger dealers and the collecting public are vacationing or stepping back to take a break. Our own expectations were somewhat tempered going in, but as soon as we arrived it was surprisingly active! Andy was there to help buy coins and keep us organized. Mike, our shipping manager, was there to help scan in coins so we could get them processed and in auction faster. I was there to buy as much as I could as long as the prices made sense.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Tuesday and had a few appointments set up with dealers, which kept us busy the rest of the day. We bought some exciting, quality pieces, so we were hopeful going into dealer day on Wednesday. That hope came to fruition as we spent 10 hours straight buying coins. It was a long day, but energizing as we started filling up boxes with new material, including Andy’s favorite purchase, an incredibly lustrous 1917 type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter in PCGS MS67FH. If you want an early preview of that one, he made a short video and posted it to the DLRC Facebook and Instagram pages!

Speaking of social media, DLRC will soon begin posting more video shorts and reels featuring our coins. Some will be previews of coins coming soon or currently available on our website, some will be live show updates, and others may highlight daily office happenings! So, if you don’t already like and follow our social media, you may want to do that now so you can enjoy what we will soon be offering.

Thursday was the first day for public attendance and was another 10-hour day that flew by. Attendance was somewhat muted, but there was some buzz in the room as folks were certainly in the mood to sell. I found that, since DLRC was one of the only “big dealers” to attend, many of the deals came straight to our table. That afternoon, we were able to pick up a complete Morgan Dollar collection and some scarce Carson City Eagles as well as my favorite purchase, a pair of 18th-century Draped Bust Dollars in PCGS AU55+ and AU58! Both have exceptional eye appeal, and I cannot wait to get them to auction.

Friday concluded with low attendance but with all of us still making deals up to the very end. The show was a huge success as we accomplished our goal to buy inventory. It was well run by Whitman/Greysheet and access was simple, smooth, and secure, which we always appreciate. The show ended with high-fives and the three of us dubbing ourselves the “Dream Team” since we worked together so successfully and seamlessly. Be on the lookout for new material and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Numismatically Yours,

John “JC” Call

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