Coins We Love: Late Night Ramblings

Coins We Love: Late Night Ramblings

Sometimes the time gets away from you when you’re focusing on tasks that must be finished. Last night I closed up shop a little late because we were working on consignment payments and squaring things up from the recent show. The details of running a business are not always fun, but administration is necessary. However, when you finish the necessary evils and you get to look at the coins you’re paying for and research the pedigree, it reminds you why we love what we do. Sometimes, to my wife’s surprise, it gets you just a little excited.

Today, I had the privilege of speaking with a museum that wanted to put some pieces of the Hansen Collection on display. It is very exciting when you get to explain the importance of the coins we’re handling and how they affected history, locally and nationally. We’re also sorting and reviewing our purchases from the recent CSNS show. The event, as I mentioned last week, was active, but how was the show? It was busy for us because we were chasing coins all over the floor. We cut a significant amount of checks to many different dealers because there weren’t any really exciting “deals” or “hoards” to be had. But sometimes you have to work a little harder to find good coins. That’s just what we decided to do.

Unfortunately, the sales at the show were disappointing. The truly active collectors were partially there, but it just wasn’t “active” on that side of the table. However, that was fine. That has become typical for the Schaumburg CSNS show which has turned into one of the better wholesale shows. So, we made it work and overall, we’re very happy with the final results. Now we have a little bit of a break before the Baltimore event in June. The next bigger show for us will be the summer FUN in July, followed by the granddaddy of them all, the ANA show in Rosemont, Illinois.

The next group of coins is making its way through our system and we have some very impressive highlights from the Hansen coming up. Today we had the opportunity to finish describing a group of proof half cents and large cents from the Hansen Collection. When you realize that these coins are duplicates, the quality of the number one Hansen Collection almost slaps you in the face. Even though we have to do administrative tasks, we are truly blessed to be able to do what we do. We appreciate our customers and all of those who allow us to do this. So thank you!

While it’s not a very interesting message tonight, it’s a bit heartfelt (and it feels like I just completed a college paper after an all-nighter, but it sure was a lot more fun!). We’ll end with the note that we hope you enjoy some of the coins below and we hope to hear from you soon!


John Brush

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