Coins We Love: Laundry Week at DLRC

Coins We Love: Laundry Week at DLRC

We’ve had a particularly productive week at DLRC. Early in the week we received a hefty number of packages and we were able to get those turned around quickly. We purchased what was fitting for DLRC, took on consignment what would do better via an auction route, and processed a smattering of other collections and groups from our broad range of collectors. Overall, we’ve made it to Thursday and we’re feeling pretty good about our prospects for the next few days. Maybe we’re just enjoying the fall weather that has hit us in Virginia Beach but then again, coins are fun in all types of weather and we’re perpetually thankful for that.

This week we held a photo caption contest in our office and we wanted to pass it along to our customers as well. You can see the photo below:

While it’s not material that we typically deal in, it’s proof that we literally will buy any type, size, or variety of collection. Of course, the Coinstar machine wasn’t the biggest fan of DLRC by the end of the evening, but it was an entertaining experience for all of us here. Some of you folks may be thinking: “But there’s a coin shortage!” Well the proof that there’s not really a coin shortage is that none of our local banks wanted our change. So, an exchange for gift cards was the best option we could get! Whoever replies to this email with the best caption (as voted on by the DLRC office) will receive a $20 gift card to DLRC!

As for now, that’s all of the excitement here that seems appropriate to share. We hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend and that you enjoy this week’s installment of Coins We Love.

Numismatically Yours,
John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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