Coins We Love: Live From Charm City!

Coins We Love: Live From Charm City!

Unfortunately, a last-minute family issue prevented me from attending the ANA Midwinter in Colorado Springs last week, but Andy and John Call held down the fort and made us proud in the middle of a blizzard. This week, I am part of the team going to Baltimore and we’re set up and ready to go on the bourse today and Friday. Overall, the pre-show activity was active and we managed to snag several interesting pieces. The buying has been quite good and was a pleasant carryover from the ANA event. If you’re in the Baltimore area, please don’t hesitate to stop by our booth as we have some truly amazing D.L. Hansen highlights from the upcoming Red Carpet Rarities Auctions on display. You can’t miss the literal red carpet right as you walk into the show!

As we entered the room for set up today, a friend stopped Julia and I and gave us some nice words about the CWL messages that we write every week. These comments are always appreciated as although the emails are fun to write, they are time-consuming to put together. One of the pieces that I didn’t understand for a long time is that people feel like they really get to know us from these weekly emails. Admittedly, it puts me at a disadvantage in conversations with customers at the show, but it’s such a pleasure and honor that others enjoy these brief messages. We’re simply sharing a small piece of this numismatic journey that we love, and as long as we can, we’ll keep doing it.

For years, my wife and kids didn’t read these, but now I get in a little trouble when I mention them as they read them sometimes (Hi Ruth, Luke, and Wes!). For those of you who follow the travels of Wes, he is in Baltimore with me and is hoping for a visit to the PCGS Washington DC show in two weeks over Spring Break.

In Baltimore this week, we’ve got a rare appearance of Matthew and Michael joining Julia, Wes, and myself. So come say hello, buy a few coins, sell us a few pieces, or share a crabcake. Admittedly, I’m a little disappointed that the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament will be going on as we’re buying coins, but such are the breaks of the traveling numismatic circus.

I am sorry to avoid the interesting, hard-hitting, numismatic market questions this week. However, I will say that coins are selling, nice coins are becoming more available if you search, and the collector market continues to lead in the big picture. It’s a fun time to be in the hobby and we hope that you’re also enjoying it. We’ll close out with a few highlights from tonight’s Red Carpet Rarities Sale and some other numismatic treasures on the website. We hope that you find something in this week’s offerings and wish you the best of luck in your bidding!

Numismatically from Charm City,

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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