Coins We Love: Live From The Burgh!

Coins We Love: Live From The Burgh!

Pittsburgh has been a rather polarizing city for many of the attendees at the show. However, I have to come out on top and say that we’ve really enjoyed our stay here. While it was quite difficult to get here with limited flight options, we all made it here and avoided the major storms that were coming across the East Coast. We’ve been here since Sunday buying, selling, trading, and shaking hands. The World’s Fair of Money is not only a coin show where we buy and sell coins but it’s an annual event where we get the opportunity to meet many old friends, make new ones, and figure out ways to work with new folks in the coming year. As an added bonus this year, I’m serving on 3 boards that have had meetings here at the show, so when not on the bourse floor jockeying coins, I’ve been enjoying learning more about the inner workings of the hobby and the business from all sides.

We’ll follow up next week with a day-by-day synopsis of the show when we’ve had more time to digest the ongoings of the event. I can definitely report back that the market is still incredibly active, coins are still popular, and the new wave of collectors and dealers is continuing to grow across new generations. And it’s certainly invigorating!

Thanks again for joining us and enjoying this week’s Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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