Coins We Love: Market Report

Coins We Love: Market Report

Just about every week here at DLRC, we huddle up and discuss, “What is the current state of the market and where should our focus lie?” During the boom of the Covid years the answer was consistently “The market is completely insane, so hurry up and find more coins to buy!” In 2024, however, the answer has morphed into focusing on buying quality coins to offer, no matter the demand. Beautiful coins and rare coins will always sell, no matter how active or inactive the market has become.

With the advent of our Thursday night auctions combined with our perennial Sunday night offerings, we are seeing a rise in participation and bidding activity, often at record-level prices. The demand for attractive, high-end coins remains strong but collectors are focusing on quality, not quantity. The epic rise in gold prices has also been a welcomed boost, and it appears silver is starting to follow suit. All these things contribute to an active market, and we are busy trying to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We are preparing to head to the Central States show in Schaumburg, Illinois in two weeks, and are picking up a couple of other collections in neighboring states along the way. If you are planning on attending the show set up a meeting with us or stop by our table to discuss consignment, view our inventory, and browse upcoming auction highlights. Also at this show, the NNP Symposium is hosting its next hybrid event where you can view (in-person or online) a variety of numismatic presentations. This is a free event open to everyone – we highly recommend checking it out! View their website to see the schedule of topics and presenters here.

If you are unable to make it to the Central States show, take a look at our upcoming show schedule on our website homepage! Schedule a meeting with us to buy, consign, or sell at an upcoming numismatic event. We would love to see you at a show!

Give us a call or send us an email if you are considering selling or want to discuss consigning with DLRC. If you still love collecting and want to upgrade some of your coins, we can certainly assist with that as well with our present offerings and by purchasing your downgraded pieces! Whatever your needs, we are here for you and just a phone call or email away.

Our ninth weekly Red Carpet Rarity Auction closes tonight! Make sure to view incredible selections from the D.L. Hansen Collecting including Two Cents, Three Cent Silvers, Seated Dimes, and $20 Liberty Gold. There are truly some outstanding pieces in this auction, so make sure to get your bids in soon. Browse and bid HERE!

Thanks for reading this week’s Coins We Love email. We hope you see something that you love too!

Numismatically Yours,

John Call

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