📢Coins We Love: No Buyers Fees?!📢

📢Coins We Love: No Buyers Fees?!📢

Sometimes I have absolutely nothing pertinent to write about in our office, so I take the Doogie Howser approach and try to figure out what direction my head went today. The 3 topics that I thought I might address are:

    1. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery
    2. Why Does DLRC Buy in Auctions?
    3. The Coming of the New Age of No Buyer’s Fees

In the end, I thought numbers 1 and 3 worked well together so why not mention them together? What spurred this thought? I received an email this week from a sports-related e-commerce site I’ve visited before. They’ve decided to start auctioning autographed sports memorabilia and the thing that I found interesting is that they aren’t charging Buyer’s Fees! While we’ve long thought that this is how any modern auction business should run, we were thrilled to see someone else launching their platform with the customer-friendly concept. As we introduce new folks to auctions in the modern age, it removes a barrier of entry into figuring out how these antiquated systems work. I, for one, want to applaud Fanatics for jumping on the No Buyer’s Fee Bandwagon…

One of the biggest issues with our grand hobby has long been the lack of technical innovation that has followed along. The concept of certification and grading was an amazing concept in 1986, followed by Registry Sets. However, we hit a period where innovation was frowned upon as the market was simply too active to cause dealers and organizations to reinvest into the future. I for one hope that this dark age of technological innovation is over. Now is the time that we have to bring all of these new collectors into the hobby. I’m so excited every day when I learn of new collectors that are finding their way to the hobby. The stories are all different, but this is something I can really get behind. I hope that we’re able to see a way to improving the hobby not only for ourselves but for collectors as a whole, whether it be in technology, appearance, or simply professionalism.

In this week’s auction, we’re hosting a collection that’s entitled the Underrated Gold Array. An interesting group of gold coins, it’s highlighted by pieces that the collector deemed to be underrated or underappreciated due to survivor rates or mintages. An interesting concept for sure, we hope that you find some of these pieces interesting and that you enjoy our latest installment of Coins We Love!

John Brush

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