Coins We Love: Office Ongoings

Coins We Love: Office Ongoings

I’m tempted to sound like a broken record and talk about the upcoming collections coming through the office again. However, I can't elaborate on the coins yet, so I’ll save that for another week. Let’s just say that we have some amazing, high-quality pieces coming up, but we also have a wide variety of items to fit collectors of all shapes, sizes, and values. It’s an exciting time at DLRC!

So, I’ll talk a little more about the other ongoings in the office. Our partner, Dell Loy Hansen, and his team visited us a week ago and thankfully our office was like new! Our favorite numismatic artist, Bob Julian, is featured widely throughout our hallways and we have some pretty neat display cases in the lobby, showing off a wide variety of DLRC memorabilia. We also have more room to move around and process coins. This will allow us to add a few more people to our numismatic team who can help us keep moving coins along!

Our programming team, led by Tyler and Lisandro, has been hard at work making some small tweaks to the website and rather dramatic improvements to our backend software. They are working on some major improvements to the “consignor” part of the website next.

It's really hard to believe that we’re entering into the final month of the year. But, since it is that time of year we are starting to plan for 2024 and the upcoming FUN show in January. While our plans aren’t concrete just yet, we’ll certainly be there for the week and will have some really neat auction highlights on display. If you’re planning on making the trip, please let us know. We’d love to visit for a while and “play” coins with you!

Thanks again for humoring us and reading through our random numismatic musings for the week. We hope that you enjoy some of this week’s highlighted Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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