Coins We Love - September 6

Coins We Love - September 6

This week finds Gary Adkins attending the Long Beach show representing DLRC. Unfortunately, it simply fell too close to the recent ANA show for us to post a formidable display and to attend the show with full force. We plan on being back in February for the first event of 2019 in California, but this week simply was not going to work. We’ve been incredibly busy putting new coins through the DLRC system and have had our hands full planning for the upcoming weeks. We still have new coins trickling through the website and hope that the market continues to strengthen for dealers and collectors alike. We expected a post-ANA weakness as typically occurs this time of year, but the fact is, we’ve had some of the busiest weeks since our return.

We’ll get back to the grindstone the rest of this week and will have a few hundred new items coming up as usual and we hope that you find something of interest in our brief musings below!

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

1863 $20 NGC AU55

Why we love it: A scarce, low mintage wartime issue, only 142,790 double eagles were produced. Lustrous with very light wear, this piece is a fantastic, underrated example that is certainly difficult to locate, especially in higher grades.

Value: The PCGS Price Guide rests at $18,500 with the CPG coming in at $16,900. With the last two examples having publicly auctioned for over $14,000 and $17,625, this piece is being offered directly via Make Offer for $15,000 and is perfect for the discerning collector.

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1857 Flying Eagle 1c PCGS/CAC MS66

Why we love it: One of the shortest living design-types, the Flying Eagle Cent has long been popular amongst small cent collectors of all types. This piece displays lovely satiny surfaces and is certainly an example that quietly draws at the heart-strings with subtle, lustrous highlights.

Value: Over 17 million pieces were produced and of these, this coin is tied with 20 others for the finest graded by both services, with only seven of those items being CAC-approved. With non-CAC approved examples bringing as little as $16,000 and as much as $23,000, this piece, with a PCGS Price Guide value of $22,500 is reserved for a very reasonable $19,500 in this week’s auction.

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1839 $10 PCGS XF45 (Small Letters, Type of 1840)

Why we love it: A very underrated issue from a mintage of just 12,447 pieces. Lustrous, orange-golden highlights with nice luster, this first year of type issue is often overlooked as a true first year coin. In the Akers landmark auction survey of Gold Eagles, this date ranks in rarity ahead of several scarce dates, such as 1876, 1879-O, 1873-CC, and 1920-S to name a few.

Value: The PCGS Price Guide rests at $17,500 and outside of this current example, no other pieces from the range of XF to AU53 have sold in the last decade! Certainly meant for the astute eagle collector, this coin is a fascinating historical item of underappreciated rarity.

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1871 H10C PCGS/CAC Proof 66 DCAM

Why we love it: Wow! I considered using this coin to shave this morning as the mirrors are simply that amazing. This piece is absolutely amazing. A brand-new purchase from the ANA show in Philadelphia, this coin is the finest graded example of the date with Deep Cameo surfaces and is certain to be a sparkling jewel in any collection.

Value: PCGS has arbitrarily valued this piece at $5,850 in their price guide, but the value was recently established as this coin was graded by the seller to DLRC. From a fresh collection, this coin could certainly command much more between two registry collectors and will sell in this week’s auction.

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1911-S $5 PCGS/CAC MS64

Why we love it: CAC-approved Five Dollar Indian Eagles are very difficult to locate, especially when it comes to better dates. This fantastic piece is bested by only nine other pieces at PCGS and is stunning in overall eye appeal. An underrated condition rarity, this issue is certainly qualifying of an underappreciated Coin We Love.

Value: This stunning piece boasts a CPG value of $14,500, and we would argue that it’s far too conservative based on the supply and demand of these types of coins. Having already met the reserve of $16,750 in this week’s auction, it will find a new home shortly.

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1892-S $1 PCGS AU58

Why we love it: Along with the 1893-S and a small congress of other key dates in the series, the 1892-S is one of the hardest Morgans to locate, especially when it comes to high AU to uncirculated grades. This lustrous and attractive example is perfect for the discerning collector.

Value: The CPG rests at $14,500 with the PCGS Price Guide at $13,500, this example is in the perfect grade range before the price quadruples in the lowest of uncirculated grades. Available via Make Offer for $11,750 our layaway option is available with extended terms for this item as well!

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1932 $10 PCGS/CAC MS65+

Why we love it: Flashy, attractive, and original! This gem gold type coin displays awesome originality and fantastic luster. A pleasing piece that is ideal for the collector/investor.

Value: These issues trade in the wholesale market sight-unseen for over the $4,500 level and the rarity of the CAC-sticker on such examples is underrated. Available via Make Offer for $5,000, the overall value of this piece offers excellent overall potential.

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1861 50c PCGS/CAC MS65+

Why we love it: A popular Civil War type coin with subtle rainbow rim tones, gorgeous fiery red and green tints, and lustrous, silvery centers. A lovely gem plus piece with pleasing overall eye appeal. Part of our offering this week of the Cherry Hill Type Collection, this coin is one of the highlights and is perfect for the discerning collector.

Value: With a PCGS Price Guide value of $6,150, this coin has a starting bid of $5,850 and is sure to sell and find a wonderful new home.

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1870 $20 PCGS/CAC MS60

Why we love it: Another underrated double eagle from a mintage of just 155,000 coins, this lustrous, uncirculated piece is desirable and attractive.

Value: With the CPG and PCGS Price Guide coming in at $14,500, this piece is available via Make Offer for just $13,500 this week!

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1805 1c PCGS VF30

Why we love it: A choice VF Large Cent with smooth, attractive surfaces. Early Large Cents in this grade are often porous and rather unattractive, but this piece exhibits quality eye appeal and is perfect for the collector.

Value: The PCGS Price Guide is not known for accuracy when it comes to collector-based values, but it nonetheless comes in at $790. This issue is available for outright purchase for $750 via Make Offer.

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1883 3cN NGC/CAC Proof 66

Why we love it: Gem Proof type coins from the mid to late 19th century are truly underrated when you compare mintages and price levels. This gem example with CAC approval is certainly a desirable item!

Value: The CPG comes in at $650 with the PCGS Price Guide of $575. The wholesale value would certainly be in the $500-$550 range, and we are offering it this week for $550 via Make Offer.

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1860-O H10c PCGS/CAC MS63

Why we love it: A Pre-Civil War date from the New Orleans mint before the inevitable takeover by Confederate soldiers. Choice, original surfaces that are perfect for the collector who appreciates how a 150-year-old coin should look.

Value: The CPG values this piece at $390, but we are pleased to offer it for the best price of $345 via Make Offer!

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1959 5c NGC MS66 FS

Why we love it: Gorgeous gem with clear Full Steps and fantastic overall eye appeal.

Value: We love the value of NGC-certified modern issues when it compares to the values of PCGS pieces. The PCGS Price Guide lists this coin at $525, but we are pleased to offer it at a far better price of $375 through our Make Offer function.

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1939-D Arkansas 50c PCGS MS65

Why we love it: While some expect the Razorbacks to compete in the SEC West this year, I would predict a 4th or 5th place finish, simply due to the fact that it’s by far the hardest division in NCAA Football. With a new OC in Derek Dooley, we expect them to score some points, but just not enough to upset the LSU, Auburn, or Alabama sides. Perhaps they’ll knock off another team or two that they weren’t supposed to beat, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on it…

Value: With a Greysheet bid value of $500 and the CPG of $650, this piece is being offered for a wholesale level of $565 via Make Offer as part of the CWL special.

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Norse Medal NGC MS64 (Thin)

Why we love it: The Vikings will be led by a well-paid Kirk Cousins and a stout defense, but not likely many of the “Thin” variety. These pieces were struck by the U.S. Mint in 1925 commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the voyage of the ship Restauration which brought early Norwegian immigrants to the United States. Sculpted by the designer of the Buffalo Nickel, James Earle Fraser, the artwork on these items is fantastic. This lovely, original example is perfect for the collector and is in an ideal, collector grade.

Value: With the PCGS Price Guide of $575, this piece is being offered for a very reasonable $450 via Make Offer.

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Until next time, thanks for stopping by and sharing some time with us to browse our Coins We Love.

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