Coins We Love: 👉Spotlight on John Call👈

Coins We Love: 👉Spotlight on John Call👈

*Continuing our series of introducing folks, both old and new at DLRC, we have a fresh, new introduction to our team this year. We’ve been remiss in announcing his arrival, but those of you who have seen us on the road in 2022, may have met John Call, who has joined us to further our local outreach and to help us to acquire more coins and work with collectors. A former customer of ours as a dealer, John Call has joined us from the Williamsburg area and can be seen in our offices regularly and on the road at major and regional shows. I’ve asked him to introduce himself here, so I hope that you’ll enjoy meeting one of our newest team members at DLRC!

“Love what you do for a living, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” While many may consider that old adage to be an oversimplification of reality, it certainly holds true for me. I love what I do here at David Lawrence Rare Coins, and I love the fine folks I work alongside. Like so many of you, I have always been a collector at heart. I saved just about everything that I thought was interesting when I was a kid, despite my mother’s best efforts to ensure that I remained a collector and not a hoarder. All manner of polished rocks, arrowheads, coins, sports cards, pocket watches, stamps, comic books, padlocks, pocketknives, and skeleton keys, could be found in various boxes and drawers in my room. But I was always drawn to coins more than anything because I reasoned that comics, stamps, cards, and the like were made of paper, but coins had both historic and numismatic value. Coins were something weighty that I could hold in my hand, and it would always be worth its weight in precious metals even if only I could appreciate its history or the beauty of its design.

As I moved into my very early teen years, I began to narrow my collecting focus strictly to coins. I don’t know about you, but I was incredibly blessed to have a patient coin dealer growing up. My go-to coin shop was a freestanding ex-bank branch in Chilhowie, Virginia. It sat out in the middle of a parking lot and was such a small building it could really only fit one customer at a time. Every week I would walk in and spend my lawn mowing money on something different. The shop owner would always allow me to take my time choosing my common Walking Liberty Half, or perhaps a couple circulated, early date Lincoln Cents. But he never got aggravated with me or became impatient. Every time I walked in, he was happy to welcome me, educate me, and show me coins I had never even heard of before. On top of that, he would always give me full trade value on what I had purchased over time. His patience was unending, and our relationship continued well into my 30s, up until the time when he passed away. It was around that time that I began to turn my hobby into a business, and there was nothing I wanted more than to pass on that model. The most important things to me were being helpful and patient with customers, being ethical in conducting transactions, and always promoting education in the hobby.

This past January, I was invited to join the team at David Lawrence Rare Coins where I was pleased to find a group of folks that already held those same values. I always strove to be trustworthy while engaging in this hobby and in this business, and the folks here at DLRC have been doing exactly that for many years. When I was a customer of theirs, I knew I was valued. And now as an employee, I feel the same. It is so exciting to share in a common vision here as we provide fair, honest service to collectors and dealers alike. It continues to come full circle here at David Lawrence. My childhood coin dealer taught me, guided me, and held our buyer/seller relationship in high regard. And that’s exactly what we strive to do for our customers at DLRC. So, whether you need help locating a specific coin or want to talk about liquidating your collection, please just ask. If you live in Virginia or a neighboring state, I can even come to you! I invite you to reach out to any of us here at David Lawrence Rare Coins. You won’t find a better bunch of coin nerds anywhere!

Numismatically Yours,

John Call

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