Coins We Love: 🌸Spring into Numismatics 🌸

Coins We Love: 🌸Spring into Numismatics 🌸

With Baltimore right around the corner (next week!), we’re busy gearing up for that event. If you have coins to sell or if there is something in our inventory you would like to see in Baltimore, please email us at We’ll be attending all day Thursday and Friday and would love to meet with you on the bourse!

On the homefront: The auction activity and the number of coins flowing through DLRC this week have been non-stop. In fact, we just launched an impressive collection of Lincoln Cents, the East Tennessee Lincoln Cent Collection, which is the #1 NGC Registry set for the series. We also have the Liberty Hill Dollar Collection ending this Sunday, as well as some intriguing pieces from the Hansen Collection. Things are certainly not slowing down in the current market. So, with our seatbelts fastened we’re going to keep pushing forward. In the middle of all of this, we’re actually traveling to pick up a nice Morgan Dollar and Large Cent Collection this week. With the amount of activity generated throughout the coin industry, it’s really an exciting time to be involved in the hobby.

I was actually asked a question this week that seemed to fit well into this week’s message that I thought I would share. A long-time customer asked: Is there a “busy” season for selling coins?

Now, I assume that he was asking if there was a better time of year to sell his coins, so I approached the answer from that angle and thought that others might be interested in my answer. So, here goes…


That's an interesting question. We're actually asked that a LOT. And I wish I could give you a direct answer…10 years ago I would have told you sometime in the first quarter of the year was the busiest, with the 4th quarter being the slowest. However, that’s changed with the modern focus on the internet. So, over the past 8 years, I would argue that there's not a busiest time. It's consistent throughout the year and our numbers month over month have shown us that. It's really kind of wild how balanced things have become. In the current marketplace it’s somewhat of a Field of Dreams situation of “if you offer it, they will come…” We did have one customer who asked us not to end their coins on the evening of the Super Bowl and one that asked not to end his coins over Thanksgiving, but I told the customer with the Turkey-Day request that it would be a mistake to wait…the holiday weekend action is sometimes better than normal. And his results proved that (which he was very thankful for!) The market has dictated that things have gotten far busier and the collectibles markets are booming, so while the weather is nicer here in the Spring and Fall, there’s no discrimination in the coin market over the seasons.

That’s it for this week. I hope to find some coins of interest in this week's offerings and we hope to see you in Baltimore or in another city near you in the future. Thanks for reading!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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