Coins We Love: Summertime Selections

Coins We Love: Summertime Selections

I still can’t believe it’s Thursday…When we get a four day week, we certainly don’t complain, but it makes for an incredibly hectic office. Not only do we have to get two days of work done on Tuesday, we have our hands full for the rest of the week as well. That being said, it’s been a good few days and after an active auction last Sunday evening and we came in energized and ready for a fun week. So far, there have been no signs of a market slow down. In fact, coins are still very much in high demand and auction prices and the lack of availability on the wholesale market are prime examples of the continuing growth in the overall coin marketplace.

This week we are pleased to offer a fantastic selection of Bust Dollars in the Sunday Auction. Pieced together by an astute collector over many years, the time had come for him to allow another collector to enjoy these exquisite coins and we're proud to be asked to assist in this parting of the numismatic ways. You’ll also see a wide variety of other coins being offered, from copper to gold double eagles. In the auction ending on June 20th, you’ll find a fantastic collection of gold coins, dubbed The Naples Gold Collection. While we’ll allow you to view and start the bidding process on those pieces, we’ll hold off on highlighting these until next week.

Thanks as always for reading this week’s edition of Coins We Love and we look forward to hearing from you during the next week!

John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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