Coins We Love: Thanksgiving Edition

Coins We Love: Thanksgiving Edition

Well, I spoke too soon. Yes, I said last week that the Thursday attendance at the Baltimore show wasn’t what I had hoped, but Friday turned that around completely. The public attendance on Friday far outpaced our expectations and we were busy from start to finish. We did leave a little earlier in the afternoon that we typically do, but this was a function of limited travel options for us. That being said, we had a great day! We sold quite a few coins, met a lot of old friends and took in quite a number of consignments as well. Overall, we were very pleased with the final turn out. Whitman truly does a great job of putting on a show and we wish that they were all that seamless.

I will admit that the mostly empty hotels, closed restaurants, and limited car services (Uber, cab, etc.) were quite odd. But, we’re still hoping for this to change in the near future as things hopefully find a new normal. Our final tally at the show included well over one million dollars spent on new purchases, consignments into some really high digits, and sales right where we expected. The coin market continues to pipe right along and while coins aren’t “easy” to find, we’re finally finding some really interesting pieces that are coming out due to higher prices in the marketplace. It’s still very much a seller’s market and we’re starting to see even more long-term collectors taking advantage of that. The next month and a half will likely produce a slight lull, but we feel prepared for this period with our refreshed inventory and we’re excited to get into 2022, starting with the usual event in Orlando, Florida. The weather here in Virginia Beach hasn’t completely turned yet, so we’re still feeling like Fall, but I’m sure that by the time January comes around, we’ll be looking for some warmer weather.

For those of you who have been waiting for the 2021 Dollar releases, we’ve now received quite a few of our coins back from PCGS, so if you’re in the market for a fresh, new modern release or want to purchase a gift from the year of 2021, you can see those listed here.

As you’re reading this, there may be thoughts of Turkey, Tofurkey, Turducken, or Cranberry Sauce jiggling in your head. If so, we hope that you’re able to enjoy some in the near future. We’re sorry that we weren’t able to provide a Thanksgiving theme to our coins this year and that we had to leave it a bit more abbreviated than we’d like, but the timing of the Baltimore show and the thawing of the turkey didn’t work out as smoothly as we’d like, so for now, we will leave you with this abbreviated Coins We Love this week and we wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Numismatically yours,

John Brush

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