Coins We Love: 👀The Collector Mindset👀

Coins We Love: 👀The Collector Mindset👀

Like many of you, I have been a collector of one thing or another for nearly all my life. For me, it was baseball cards, comic books, arrowheads, various old padlocks, pocket watches, and knives that my grandfather continuously gifted to me. And of course, coins! Have you ever considered what draws you to collect coins? To fill those albums obsessively? I can recall taking a survey from another auction house that once asked this very question. Of the multiple-choice answers provided, one was something like, “Because collecting helps provide order to a chaotic world.” I liked that answer because it made me think about my collecting habit in a new light. But is it accurate? What is the common thread among collectors, if there is one?

I certainly believe that we are all creatures of habit and can be a bit obsessive. During my most obsessive collecting days, I was not satisfied with just filling the holes in my Dansco 7070 U.S. Type album, I wanted all the coins to match perfectly! I aimed for untoned silver coins in problem-free AU/BU condition and struggled to reconcile early brown copper coinage with easily obtainable red Lincoln and Indian Head Cents. It was a constant battle, as I tried to work within a budget and at the same time expedite my desire to put together a set that fulfilled my unrealistic expectations. Yet it was a labor of love that gave me joy for quite some time.

We talk to customers every day. There are a lot of different “flavors” of collectors with different collecting mindsets. However, the one key denominator is that they are always searching for the next piece. Filling that empty hole in the Whitman or Dansco album brings along a great sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. For some, it’s filling that empty slot in the PCGS or NGC Registry Set. The similarity is that it’s a constant search to complete or improve. I think we can all relate to that.

In our attempt to be your partner in collecting, if there is ever anything we at DLRC can help you with, please contact us. No matter your motivation or desires, we get it! We invite you to check out our want list feature online, which will alert you when the coins you are looking for enter our inventory. Additionally, if you want to upgrade your collection, we will be happy to purchase or auction your downgrades, freeing up funds to pursue the coins you need. Coin equity is often an ideal way to improve your collection, especially in aggressive markets like this. All of that being said, we’re here to partner with you!

Numismatically Yours,

John Call and Your Friends at DLRC

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