Coins We Love: The FUN Show Means More

Coins We Love: The FUN Show Means More

Sometimes a coin show is more than a coin show. The FUN Show is one of the two biggest shows of the year. It runs seamlessly (if you can forgive the nickel and diming that occur at check-in for your booth, the lack of trash cans, and the security concern of not allowing dealer trading rooms on-site), is attended by everyone throughout the country, and kicks off the year with a bang. Overall, due to the location, the familiarity, and the camaraderie of what feels like distant family members coming together, it has become my favorite show on the annual calendar.

One of the things we're focusing on this year in the office is spreading the wings of some of our numismatists a little more to include them in more of our buying decisions. While they've been involved in some way, shape, or form for a year or more, the specific training and time that we can spend with them is important. The math is often pretty cut and dry, but I came to realize that one of the most important pieces of every transaction is the relationship. These can be incredibly helpful or hurtful, but can't be under sold as they are a vital part of everything we do. We might not always know the best way to handle some situations, but we try to be fair. With that in mind, we headed down here to chilly Florida for the week to try to rekindle those older relationships.

I didn't "love" the fact that we had to travel on New Year's Day, but the calendar and convention center wait for no man, so we popped down for an active week of numismatic activities. There's just too much to report on in a brief email this week, so you'll have to tune in to next week's update to hear more about the show, but I can say that it has been jam-packed. While the start was a little more methodical and planned out, the week soon jumped into hyperspace mode and we've hung in there as best we can.

We realize that this week's CWL is coming in a day late, but it's the nature of what happens at a busy show when we're writing this at 1 am on Friday. There hasn't been a night this week that the lights were off before midnight and I'm no longer at the age that I don't feel that in the morning. Thankfully for me, Friday is my last day before I get to head home. but before I jinx that, I'll just stop here and encourage you to come back next week so we can elaborate a little more on these late nights, the coins, and the food that have been involved for the week,

Thanks again for reading and we hope that you enjoy this week's message of the Coins We Love.

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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