Coins We Love: 💸The FUN, the Bad, and the Ugly💸

Coins We Love: 💸The FUN, the Bad, and the Ugly💸

The best way to really analyze a show is in hindsight. When you’re in the middle of the action you have to focus on what's happening at the moment. But, after some reflection, it’s easier to see the FUN, the bad, and the ugly.

The FUN:

  • Buying: It’s a little easier to buy coins once again. The market is less volatile and has generally reached a balance. This is great, as most folks aren’t pricing coins well over the market value anymore. Does this mean the market is poor? Absolutely not. It has stabilized, which is great for dealers and collectors alike.
  • Activity: The show was fantastic. Attendance HAD to be up, and there was always a lot going on. We were so busy at our table that I only got to walk around the bourse for a total of ten minutes! I love walking around coin shows so I was a little disappointed that I didn't really get to leave our 10x20 booth. However, that must mean that it was a productive show!
  • Friends: Always great to see and reconnect with friends (collectors and dealers!).
  • Display: Our display of the Hansen Gold Dollar Set was a hit. While the small gold coins aren’t necessarily the coins that everyone focuses on, the set was amazing to have on hand.
  • Sales: Sales at the table went really well. Jason Smith was unable to join us for the first time in years, so Julia, Andy, John Call, and Amandeep all pitched in to take care of customers. I also brought along my 13-year-old son, Wes, and he was often the first person to help customers at the table.

The Bad:

  • Convention: The convention center didn’t finish setting up in time for the set-up day, leaving us without chairs or trash cans. Sorry for those who dropped by early without a place to rest!
  • Food: The convention center's food was okay. The choices were similar to what you’d see at a minor-league baseball game, but the prices were reminiscent of the Super Bowl. This meant that there was a lot of DoorDashing going on. However, I found it really interesting that the vendors at the convention center were not accepting cash or change for payment. It just feels weird when a coin show says “no cash”.

The Ugly:

  • Rookie mistake: I forgot that the show never turns on the AC on the opening day of the show as it costs extra. On top of that, the loading doors were open letting in all the hot Florida air. Needless to say, I was a sweaty, ugly mess in my dress shirt and slacks on Wednesday.
  • Flights: Weather was a problem in some parts of the country, but mostly it was the rash of cancellations across the country preventing many dealers and collectors from making it in. Also, all of the armored car deliveries were delayed a day for the show, so our display of the Hansen Gold Dollar Set didn’t make its debut until Thursday.

Overall the FUN Show was a great success and an excellent jump start for the year. If the market continues like this, we’ll be on pace for another great year. Any other show this year hoping to repeat the FUN Show’s energy and excitement will have some large boots to fill.

We are busy processing our purchases from the show right now, but you can expect to see those coming to auction in the upcoming weeks. This week, we have the pleasure of offering the SGF Collection of Morgan Dollars! This complete set is the 13th-ranked PCGS Registry Set of Morgan Dollars! Boasting over 100 pieces, this set featured high-end examples and overdate rarities. Each piece from this fabulous collection is running with NO RESERVE and ends this Sunday, January 15th. Make sure to check out these registry set offerings!


John Brush

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