Coins We Love: There's No "Right Way"

Coins We Love: There's No "Right Way"

This week I’ve been traveling a lot, but it’s allowed me to think about some conversations I’ve had with customers over the last few weeks and about the “culture” of numismatics and how things differ between collectors and collecting styles. It’s quite interesting, as there’s no “one way” that folks find their way to the hobby. And it’s the same situation when the time comes to sell.

I’ve dealt with a wide variety of collectors lately. Some remain very tied to their collections, but for some reason, it’s the right time to move on. But, some don’t have that long-term magnetism towards their collection, and once they have sold their collection, they move on to the next thing. There are also some in the middle as well! This just goes to show that there’s no right answer when buying or selling.

That’s precisely why we have built a system that is flexible for collectors. There is no “right way”, it simply comes down to what is right for you. Collectors often ask us “What’s best for my collection?” The truest answer is that there are several ways to consider and it’s likely that the collection should be sold in multiple different ways. The generic answer of “Put it all into an auction with no reserve and you’ll do fine” has never really been the right answer. Is it the easiest? Yes, but, there are nuances to each coin and every single piece has a value. That value might not be found by simply auctioning the coin and letting it go.

We consider it our job to not only maximize the value of that coin but to help it find the right collector. See, it’s not all about a commission for a sale. Sure, it pays the bills, but we know that it’s our job to do what’s best for you, the collector. That’s why we don’t believe one-size-fits-all.

As many of our long-term collectors see, there’s a wide variety of coins on our website that are priced in different ways. Some are auctioned with no reserve and will sell at whatever the final number ends up being and some are with a minimum bid. Neither option means we own the coins, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

We understand and believe in the value of each coin, and if it doesn’t sell, that’s ok. We list coins in multiple venues, to catch the eyes of the most collectors possible. And, that’s part of the beauty - there’s no right answer! We’re going to make it our job to work for collectors and their coins, not the commissions. It’s because we love what we do and we’re thankful for you allowing us to do it!

Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy this week’s Coins We Love!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush and the DLRC Team

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