Coins We Love: 😜Trust the Process😜

Coins We Love: 😜Trust the Process😜

This week has brought about a flurry of activity! We’ve brought in a set of Walking Liberty Halves to auction, multiple groups of Morgan Dollars, and a few more interesting collections that you will see in the coming weeks…all on top of the offerings from the D.L. Hansen Collection that are trickling in on a weekly basis. Overall, it’s been a fun week and a busy one!

These collections that are moving through our photography process and are jumping on the website have come in from different collectors, and I had the time to sit down with one of these folks for a few hours last week. This time with the collector was not only enjoyable, but it really got me thinking about the process we go through when we're working with collectors and their collections. In most cases, when working with collectors that are considering selling, we review each of the coins for grading and for CAC submissions. After that, we assign each piece with a value that we’d pay and an auction estimate for them. These steps are what make it nearly impossible for us to evaluate a collection without seeing it in hand, as it’s a disservice to the seller and the information isn’t complete. However, after valuing each piece and evaluating the quality, we can discuss the collection and the best ways to maximize the value. With these particular collectors, a couple, I was able to really go a bit deeper and analyze things a little further which was thoroughly enjoyable.

In the big picture of collecting coins, each collection and collector is different in what they collect and how they go about it. These differences are what make the hobby and business of numismatics so interesting! But as you dive deeper into the mentality of collectors, a few commonalities pop up and help us realize that there are other folks just like us! Whether we’re hoarding silver quarters in our sock drawer, keeping the rare baseball card inside of the Encyclopedia on the bookshelf, or organizing a box of slabs in our safety deposit box, there inevitably has to be a long-term goal. That’s where things can get a little crazy and can cause issues in the long run. It’s not easy to sell coins, ship coins, or even give coins away. It’s just not. But, it can be. It doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult - that’s what we’re going to analyze a bit more this week. So, while this week’s message may be a bit brief and more introspective, hopefully, next week’s will be more helpful in the long run to each of us and whether you’re dealing with us or someone else, we hope you find it interesting.

As for this week’s auction, there are some amazing pieces described below. One of my favorites is the 1795 Large Cent - Check out the nuTilt image of that piece! It’s even more spectacular in hand and we’re excited to finally get that coin an audience. If that piece isn't for you, we hope you enjoy some of the other pieces that we cast a little love on this week. While the week’s theme may be love outside of this email, please keep in mind that our $20 Gold piece in a bezel can still get to your loved one before Valentine’s Day if you jump on it immediately! 😊

Thanks again for reading and we wish each of you a wonderful weekend!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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