Coins we Love: Update from the Blue Skies

Coins we Love: Update from the Blue Skies

At the moment I’m somewhere over New Mexico, returning from the PCGS show in Las Vegas. We still have a presence at the show through Friday, but due to responsibilities in the office I needed to return on Thursday. Overall, the show was a bit sparsely attended this time (probably because we were just there three weeks ago!), but the activity and business were brisk! We brought coins to our first show since the pandemic began and we sold quite a few more pieces than we expected. Our predictions for wholesale sales were a little low, as that’s simply not our focus (we’d always rather focus on the collector and cut out the middlemen), but dealers truly do need coins…while we’ve been seeing this growth in the industry for two years ourselves, others have now caught on as well. It makes for interesting shows and makes the activity a bit more exciting!

With every new show, we’re also seeing old friends that we haven’t seen since pre-COVID. As the world is picking up steam, so is the traveling, and it’s refreshing to be able to have dinner with colleagues and to catch up with the last 18 months that we’ve missed. Overall, it’s just really nice to have some normalcy and these PCGS events are such great opportunities to do a lot of business in a low pressure, low stress atmosphere. (If anyone reads this from PCGS: Thank you! Send me an email and I’ll owe you a coffee at the next show).

We also were thrilled to be able to throw a day on the front end of the show visiting the Hansen Collection. While the organization of the collection has now reached a level never before attained, we’re enjoying the maintenance of it and it’s always a thrill to be able to sort through some of the most fantastic coins ever assembled in a collection. One amazing fact that we discovered on this trip is that of the standard circulation strike set from 1792-Present, over 40% of the coins in the collection are either the Finest Graded or tied for the Finest Graded at PCGS. Those that may have questioned how the quality can be outstanding on a collection like this can simply look at that stat and realize the magnificence of this amazing collection. For those of you attending the ANA Show in Rosemont, Illinois in August, we’re aiming to have a few pieces from the collection on display there. So, we hope that you’ll stop by our table and visit with us…not only for DLRC, but for some old-fashioned Show and Tell.

As for now, we’ll leave you with some coins to enjoy. We wish all of you that are fathers a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend and we look forward to working with you, whether that be now, or in the future…but most of all, thanks for sharing your love of coins with us!

Numismatically Yours,
John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

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