Coins We Love: Vote for John Brush!

Coins We Love: Vote for John Brush!

Like many of you, we continue to watch the price of gold jump, relax, and fluctuate this week. With the price over $2,000 last week, there was a lot of excitement on the bullion market, which created some demand in the rare coin market as well. While it seems to have settled in the mid-$1,900s (as of Wednesday), we’ll continue to watch what happens. At DLRC, we’ve had quite a few folks selling off their generic $20 double eagles and modern gold eagles since the premiums have increased. We don't tend to sit on these purchases, we move them along quickly, especially during this active period. It’s certainly been a crazy season for the precious metals! If you’re considering unloading some of your profits or trading toward rare coins, don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s why we’re here!

As a side note, I wanted to say thank you to all of those who have shared comments on our CWL messages over the years. That's why we keep putting out these weekly messages. We truly value the two-way communication. So, thank you!

A few messages from the past week were regarding a message in the ANA’s monthly magazine, The Numismatist. (If you’re not an ANA member, that’s fine, but it’s worth joining.) I figured that I should put out a one-time comment that’s rather self-serving. Those that know me well, know that when I’m passionate about something, I’m really passionate. Most also know that I’m not very good with small talk and that I absolutely disdain politics of most natures. I strongly believe in what I believe in, but I find it difficult to be “political” in most circumstances. I also don’t like complaining when no one is willing to do something to fix the issue; that’s something I try to engrain into my kids on a daily basis. I’ve decided to take some of my own medicine this year.

Growing up as a coin collector was a rather lonely hobby. I had my family and the Greenville, SC, coin clubs, but I didn't realize that there were a lot of others like me until I was able to attend the ANA Summer Seminar. Attending this event really changed my outlook on the hobby and gave me the idea that it could be a career down the road. So, it's easy to say that the American Numismatic Association has always been very good to me and it has been near and dear to my heart.

After my experience with the NCBA, I realized how important it is to support organizations within the hobby. It really motivated me to look a little further inward. As a result, I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the American Numismatic Association board of governors.

I promise to never mention this again as it feels completely self-serving, but if you see my name out there as a candidate, I would appreciate your vote. Truly, my mission in doing this is that I really want to help the hobby grow. The ANA is the largest organization that serves numismatics, and while I haven’t always agreed with many of the decisions they’ve made (I’m really tired of going to Rosemont on an annual basis and I think the outreach of the hobby needs to grow), I realized that complaining really isn’t going to help. Some of you have told me that it’s a crazy idea and I shouldn’t even think about it. However, I’ve done crazier things and I think that helping the hobby can come in many ways, shapes, and forms. So I’m going to give it a shot and hopefully, it will bear some fruit.

I’ll be done with my spiel and leave you with some really neat highlights this week. Two coins that really piqued my interest are the 1844-O $5 and the 1864 quarter. While the CAC sticker is enough draw, these coins are truly amazing and I hope that they are able to find a good home!

Numismatically yours,
John Brush

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