Coins We Love: 😳You Misplaced WHAT?!😳

Coins We Love: 😳You Misplaced WHAT?!😳

The past week has been an incredibly active one. We have two REALLY great collections being offered over the next two weeks: the Hillsborough Morgan Dollar Collection and the $3s Company Collection of $3 Gold. The Dollar Collection is a complete set of Morgan Dollars with a true focus on eye appeal. The $3s Company Collection consists of a wide-ranging accumulation of Three Dollar Gold pieces, focusing on affordability and values before the next big price jump. These are two fantastic opportunities to acquire coins via the DLRC weekly auctions that may fit right into your collection. Both of these amazing collections are offered as No Reserve lots starting at $1!

For those of you asking about the 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar issues from the US Mint, we wanted to let you know that we don’t believe in pre-selling items (that’s why we never use stock images). However, we were able to acquire quite a few sets on the secondary market that will be coming back from the grading services in a few weeks. So, if you’re patient and willing to wait a few extra days, we will have them fairly soon.

We’ve also had a number of collections of smaller sizes show up in our office this week, as well as a nice accumulation of uncertified $20 Gold pieces. The overall activity in the office, aside from these collections and other incoming packages, was definitely a pick-up from the past weeks - the buying activity was fierce, but the conversations and overall activity seemed to lag a little. While the folks at the office kept things moving along effectively and efficiently, I found myself in Utah working on some upcoming projects within the company. As some of you may know, we’re working on an overhaul of our inventory software and website, this should make its appearance in the coming year, and is currently requiring a lot of time and energy. We’re also continuing to organize the D.L. Hansen Collection by de-accessioning some duplicates that have been upgraded over the past year or so. This process, while seemingly easy, is anything but. It requires a lot of sorting, reviewing coins, submissions to CAC, and finding pieces that may have been misplaced by accident. I’ve often left the collection thinking “Well, at least we’re closer to being organized”, but this time I left with “I even got the modern Roosevelt Dimes sorted”. In essence, I finished my current organizational projects and it should allow for us to proceed more efficiently in 2022 with de-accessioning pieces that are no longer part of the collections we are building. It’s an amazingly cumbersome project, but it’s also an amazing opportunity, and that is never lost on me. One funny anecdote from the trip is that I hadn’t seen the 1804 Dollar in quite some time. And I thought that I should probably try to do a deep dive to locate it, if possible. Well, apparently it had been incorrectly filed. I managed to located it, but not after having a few heart palpitations.

While some of our display plans were put on hold due to the pandemic, we’re excited to share that we’ll have the Proof and Circulation Strike Barber Half Sets on display at the Baltimore Show coming up in a few weeks. It is the All-Time number 1 rated Barber Half Set - there are so many exciting pieces that we’re looking forward to displaying at the show. We also plan on having some form of display at the FUN show, but we haven’t worked out those logistics just yet. We’ll work on that once we get a little closer to Thanksgiving. Overall, we’re still thrilled to be a part of the collection and we can’t wait to share more pieces in the coming years.

As for now, I’ll wrap up and we’ll see where the rest of this week carries us. We hope that you enjoy the coins we’ve highlighted below and if there’s anything we can do to assist you, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We also hope that you don’t mind us sharing a few pictures of some of the coins we were able to enjoy this past week.



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