DLRC Color Rating Explained

DLRC Color Rating Explained

Our "color rating" or degree of toning on coin listings refers to the overall amount of toning on a coin with respect to its original look at minting. We use a scale of one to five for all denominations and series. Below is an explanation of each rating and a silver, gold, and copper example.


  • Original color of the coin at time of minting
  • Pure "blast white" silver coins
  • As gold coins do not usually tone, the majority of gold coins are given a 1
  • Brand new full red copper


  • At least 75% white for silver coins
  • Lightly orange-tinted gold
  • Copper typically starts at a 2


  • 25 - 50% toning
  • Dark gold
  • Red-brown copper
  • Gold Coins are very rarely darker than a 3


  • More than 50% toned
  • Brown copper


  • Rarely given
  • Toned so that features are no longer visible
  • Deep brown circulated copper

Every coin is original and has its own unique toning and look. We pride ourselves on our high-quality inventory images that reflect the true appearance of the coin. If you ever have a question about an item on our website give us a call! We will be happy to pull the coin and give you a description in hand so you can be confident you’re purchasing a piece that you’ll enjoy and will fit into your collection.