DLRC News & Coin Market Update

DLRC News & Coin Market Update

Happy 2017 from the team at David Lawrence! We wanted to start off the new year with a biannual overview of some exciting things happening at DLRC.

Please enjoy our FUN show recap as well as some great consignment and auction specials we have for our customers.

Best Regards, John Brush and Your Friends at DLRC

Fun Show Update

The past week has been one that we will not soon forget at DLRC. The FUN show started off with a flourish of activity, and we were certainly pleased with the final results. Unfortunately, a few events tried to get in the way, but we did our best to withstand the negatives. The location change for this year was a factor for the slightly lower attendance, but those that were able to make it were certainly there to participate! Buying, selling, and trading were quite active, and it actually gave us the opportunity to visit with some customers for a longer period than in recent years. There was a less secure feeling at the location; however, this was not for lack of trying by the FUN show operators. Cindy Wibker and her staff did a fantastic job, as did the local police. Suffice it to say that we look forward to our return to Tampa next year and Orlando in 2019.

The FUN show started off with a flourish of activity, and we were busy from start to finish! As many of you know, there was a shooting incident at the Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday afternoon, and this put a huge damper on the success of the show for many. With that and the oncoming snow storm (blizzard for us!) headed towards Virginia, we were left scrambling to secure new flights, rental cars, and snow boots to get home. In the end, we had to switch airports, secure a cab, and find a way home as our flights were delayed until Monday (and Tuesday!). We did find our way to Baltimore and endured a five hour drive in a monstrous SUV through the snow to our offices. We don’t tend to travel like snobs, nor do we like to complain about these situations, but this ending to the FUN show left us a bit humbled. In hindsight, even after all of the changes and events, we realized that while we didn’t break any records, we were actively buying and selling the entire week! There were no major rarities that are joining the DLRC-fold, but we were able to pick up a few collections from long-time collectors as well as our typical additions to our inventory from our usual wholesale channels. Will we look back at the 2017 FUN show as the best FUN show ever? No. But, it certainly was a welcome change to the past few years and we are left with a very optimistic outlook for 2017.

As always, 2017 will bring about some new challenges, collections, collectors, and coins, but we are excited for the year ahead and hope to get the opportunity to work with you!

John Brush

DLRC Consignment Special!

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