Just Ask John: New Inventory

Just Ask John: New Inventory

Every week we get emails from our clients asking our fearless leader John Brush for his knowledge and opinions on a wide range of issues within the coin industry. Last week, John answered a few questions that frequently crop up surrounding our weekly Sunday auctions. While this week has been a bit hectic for DLRC, John wanted to make time to answer an important question from a customer regarding our inventory.

Hello John, With all the major coin shows being cancelled are you still getting new inventory?


Thanks for asking! The beautiful part about DLRC is we have so many relationships in the industry and a reputation as one of the largest buyers with an incredibly wide swath of interests, that we get packages shipped to us on a regular basis. These come from collectors and dealers and it keeps us on our toes. In fact, there have been times when I could skip 2-3 major shows if I needed to and we’d still have plenty of coins to offer.

As for this very moment, we’ve luckily attended all of the recent events and had been actively buying there, so we have a large number of coins still coming through imaging, etc and there will be no shortage in the near future. Additionally, we’ve recently received a large number of coins from wholesale dealers who have no shows to attend over the next few months. So while some parts of this situation are rather scary and we have larger concerns in the world of course, we’re set up to continue business as usual. In fact, I was just told I have about 600 coins to review that have finished imaging, etc from the past week… by the end of today (Thursday), that number could easily be 750 items of all different types and values.

The final step is what we call “Final Bless” when I review the pricing and descriptions. While it is usually the 3rd time (at least) that I’ve seen each of these coins, I still feel like a kid in a candy store when they hit my desk to be "blessed". If you haven't gathered, the coins are my favorite part of this job. You can learn something new each time you hold a coin!

Numismatically Yours,

John Brush

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