We are regularly asked about different price guides that we consult for values at DLRC, and one of the newest ones that has been introduced is the Collector’s Price Guide. For quite a while, DLRC has been using Greysheet in our Coins We Love emails as a reference to show the price cuts we make on our favorite coins. However, the CDN publications are used only by numismatic dealers and wholesalers, causing a divide between wholesale and retail prices. This information is only available to subscribers, thus the creation by CDN of The Collectors Price Guide (CPG). This new guide shows the values as “Ask” prices and are estimated retail values that are based off the CDN wholesale values on the same coins.

The CPG values are determined using a formula that is based on the published CDN wholesale values. According to CDN, the formula will be adjusted from time to time to reflect the fluctuations in the market as well. The good news is, when the market changes for wholesale prices, the retail prices will adjust simultaneously so that collectors are not left behind.

Why do we need another price guide? Unfortunately, it’s impossible for a single price guide to accurately reflect values on a daily basis. As most price guide compilers are not active in the buying and selling of coins, their view is a bit jaded. Also, if their sole profession isn’t analyzing prices, it can be incredibly difficult to get it right. We’re not saying that CPG or any other price guide is “right”, we can disagree amongst ourselves in the office over values of certain coins, but we do think that the CPG is just another great tool that can be used by dealers and collectors.

John Brush & Emily Bateman - March 1, 2017