CWL: Awesome Auction Assortments

CWL: Awesome Auction Assortments

The world finds us in an interesting place this week. Coming from a history and religion background, I tend to enjoy long, philosophical conversations. But, I’ve also long been frustrated when the “right” answers are difficult to pin down. And that’s precisely how I ended up finding solace in coin collecting…something that was artistic and historic but somewhat finite (unless we’re talking about grading!) I hope that these coins and our thoughts on them bring you comfort in these tough times. We have a wide variety of items here with some really interesting highlights from our offering of the Continental Collection of American Bank Note Engravings. We hope that you enjoy browsing the historic and artistic nature of these as much as we did in our research of the pieces.

In other news at DLRC, we hope that you check out our recent blog post about our homepage updates! We have added a "Browse By Catagory" section to help collectors quickly navigate to their favorite series, as well as a "Featured Auction Items" panel to showcase some of the most interesting auction coins listed at any given time. There are a few other changes live now as well as several more coming soon, so be sure to check out the article here!

In the auction that just started this week, we're pleased to present the Falls Church Collection. With an amazing assortment of fresh to the market Half Cents and Proof Half Cents (along with a few other highlights), this group is being offered as part of our Guaranteed Auction Program and is sure to pique the interest of many early American Copper collectors!

Next week, we have a fantastic assortment of scarce US issues from across the board, including the trio of key date coins in the Tri-Century Collection and a pair of Pan-Pac $50 Gold issues. All in all, it’s a really exciting time at DLRC and for as long as coin shows are cancelled, we hope to bring the show to you!

Numismatically Yours,
John Brush

Why we love it: Lincoln Cents have long been one of the most popular series for DLRC customers. In fact, we’ve had a hand in building quite a few of the top registry sets, so these coins have become a passion of ours. This brilliant gem example is just dripping in eye appeal. The obverse reflects a gentle copper-gold with the reverse displaying deeper tones of red, while both sides offer bright, stunning luster. Well struck with clean fields, this beauty is just waiting to be added to a registry set. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $7,500, most likely based on the last example to sell at auction realizing $7,344. The CPG comes in a bit more conservatively at $6,250. We’re starting the auction at just $5,500, ending this Sunday. With only five other examples of the date grading higher, this seems like an excellent value that should not be overlooked!
Why we love it: In 1886, the New Orleans Mint only struck Morgan dollars, but they did so poorly; most surviving examples are weakly struck and only three are known in MS65 or better. This example is a very pleasing specimen on the upper end of the grade spectrum for the date without breaking the bank. Well struck with clean white surfaces, this one will fit in nicely with any Morgan set. Value: The PCGS Price Guide and the CPG both suggest $8,500. As an often-overlooked date, we view it as an excellent value with the starting bid of $7,250 in this Sunday’s auction. This example last sold in 2016 for $7,638, and the most recent MS64 to hit the market realized $9,106 last month.
Why we love it: One of the roughly one hundred 1908 No Motto Saints from the Wells Fargo Hoard to grade MS68 at PCGS, only 10 are graded finer. This hoard is known for the stunning and high-grade pieces it contained, and this example is no exception. With bright luster and a great strike, you’ll be hard-pressed to find fault in this beauty. While the population may mislead you, when you’re searching for an example of a Saint-Gaudens $20 in MS68, it’s exceedingly difficult to locate! Luckily, these pieces were miraculously preserved. You can read more about the Wells Fargo Hoard here. Value: The PCGS Price Guide rates all examples of this date (including the Hoard pieces) with a price guide value of $18,500, with the CPG coming in at $18,900. We’re starting the auction at $16,250, ending this Sunday. This would be an excellent type coin, or a great representation of the high-quality pieces found in the Wells Fargo Hoard.
Why we love it: Only four original Confederate States of America half dollars are known, making the restrikes the only collectible issues. From a mintage of just 500 struck around 1879, these are also quite rare, and this is a gorgeous example for the type. With clean fields and gun-metal toning, this is a perfect fit for Confederate coinage lovers. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $13,000, and the CPG is at $14,200. We’re starting the auction at $12,750, ending this Sunday. Approved by CAC, this example is high end for the grade and sure to garner some interest.
Why we love it: If you’ve been reading our emails, then you already know about the Continental Collection of American Bank Note Company Stamp Plates. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to highlight, including this 3.75 x 2.5 inch portrait of Roosevelt and Churchill. This historic relationship led to the end of WWII and this lovely, hand-engraved portrait is a historic reminder of when the known world was facing one of its greatest trials. A great supplement to any collection of memorabilia tied to WWII, this is absolutely one of our favorite pieces from the collection. Value: This one’s sure to appeal to history lovers with two important leaders depicted side by side. The plate ends this Sunday and is offered with a starting bid of $4,000.
Why we love it: The only plate in the collection from China, this highly detailed piece shows an airplane and a junk ship, with a Chinese legend down the center. The design is in sharp contrast to the surrounding metal and very easy to see in all of its intricate glory. Value: Such an attractive and detailed piece, especially as the only one in the collection from China, this item is sure to draw special interest. We’re starting the auction at $22,500, ending this Sunday. Remember that these plates are unique, so you may never have the opportunity to purchase an item like this again! There is another plate with a completely different design that is not as impressive artistically, but has been offered on ebay previously for 6-figures! While this plate is certainly curious, we think that this offering at a quarter of that value is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity.
Why we love it: As a former baseball player and an avid college football fan, I find myself watching re-runs on the SEC network of football games from the 1980s and 1990s…My wife doesn’t understand it very much, but I appreciate the fact that she humors me. I may have gone professional in something other than sports, but I certainly miss the background noise of my entire life…alas, DLRC’s partner Dell Loy Hansen and his Real Salt Lake MLS team are beginning their season soon and will give us a little something to listen to as we await the rest of the sporting world to restart. This piece shows a highly detailed vignette of a soccer game with five individual figures. A well executed and intricate illustration, this engraving is sure to draw plenty of attention from sports-starved collectors. Value: We’re starting the auction at $4,500, ending this Sunday. With such a well-crafted design on a beloved topic, this one is sure to bring a premium. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add a truly unique slice of sports memorabilia with an international flavor to your collection!
Why we love it: This interesting plate depicts the seal of the United Nations, sure to appeal to history and politics enthusiasts. Most of the surfaces are darkly toned, with the engraving bright and easy to see. Value: We’re starting the auction at $8,750, ending this Sunday. This lot, and many other stamp plates we didn’t have room to highlight here, will be closing soon and may not come back on the market for decades. Be sure to browse the full collection before they’re gone for good!
Why we love it: From a population of just six with two graded finer, this is a stunning example of an underrated date. Light golden toning covers the brilliant, almost-prooflike surfaces. Very few gem examples survive, making this a great fit for a registry set. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $6,000, and the CPG recommends $5,940. We’re making this beauty available for $5,250 via Make Offer. The last MS66 example to sell at auction sold in 2009, so it may be quite a while before another appears on the market. Don’t miss out while it lasts!
Why we love it: From a population of five with just two finer, this near-gem resonates with prooflike fields on both sides. The devices are boldly defined and well-struck, contributing to the superior eye appeal of this beauty. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer example on the market! Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $12,500, and the CPG is at $11,900. We’re willing to part with ours for $10,750 via Make Offer. Only three PCGS-graded examples in MS64 have been auctioned in the past 10 years, so don’t let this piece slip away!
Why we love it: This Civil War date boldly displays the woodgrain toning sometimes found on Indian Head cents of the era. Well struck with gorgeous devices and incredibly clean fields, this gem is destined for a high-quality set. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $950, and the CPG is at $845. We’re offering this coin in our auction ending this Sunday. Bidding is still under $700, so take a look and bid early! Only 14 are graded higher.
Why we love it: A scarce date, we know this 1915-D will be a nice addition to your set. With no distracting marks or uneven toning, this is a solid, honest coin for the grade. A great piece for the buffalo collector on a budget, this one won’t last long! Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $280, and the CPG recommends $292. We’re making it available for $225 via Make Offer. We auctioned one in the same grade just last month that also realized $225, so you’re getting a price right on par with the latest auction record.
Why we love it: With lovely gold toning and vibrant luster, this beauty is dripping in eye appeal. Tiny hints of purple toning dot the reverse. As a common date, this is a fantastic type coin and would be a high-quality addition to any set without breaking the bank. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $375, and the CPG is at $442. We’re willing to let this one go for just $350 via Make Offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a fantastic piece to your set! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with it in-hand.
Why we love it: The more common of the two 1812/1 halves, this is a great budget example. Cleaned but retoned with darker russet coloring around the rims, this example has plenty of detail left and is a good representation of the type. Value: A straight-graded XF40 is valued at $700 on the PCGS Price Guide, and $748 in the CPG. We’re auctioning this one with a current bid of $250, ending this Sunday. This is an absolute steal at that price, so bid now!
Why we love it: This commemorative for the World’s Columbian Exposition is popular as the first year of classic commemoratives. This example features vibrant toning with a blue and gold obverse complemented by rose, purple, gold, and blue on the reverse. Graded MS66+, this high-quality commem is an absolute stunner. Value: The PCGS Price Guide suggests $1,300. We’re willing to part with this coin for just $1,000 via Make Offer, well below the book value. The last three examples to sell at auction all realized over $1,000, making this a great deal for the lucky buyer that snaps it up first.

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