DLRC Imaging and nuTilt: Capturing Every Detail

DLRC Imaging and nuTilt: Capturing Every Detail

Coin photography and imaging are very fickle topics. When a person views a coin in-hand, sometimes the viewer sees the coin as reddish-orange, while their neighbor views it as a subdued bronze. When the coin is photographed, it can even take the tone of a rose-gold trinket. All of this to say: there are MANY different flavors of static photographs and they all tend to bring out different aspects of a coin.

It is for this very reason that one simply CANNOT grade a coin accurately by photos. Sure, you can tell if a coin has wear and should be uncirculated or AU (most of the time anyway), but you can’t always tell about that nick in front of the nose. Is it deep? Is it mint-made? Is it even prominent? Meanwhile in another image, the mark may be missing completely! The bottom line is, no matter the quality of capture, something will always be missing in a static image.

That is exactly why we introduced nuTilt to the world last week. It’s the first application that allows you to view the coin in motion. While our website versions allow you to see the luster as you the coin rotates, the iPhone and Android apps launching next month will also allow you to tilt the phone or tablet in-hand to see the imperfections as if the coin where in your hands itself. While the rotations are impressive, the zooming capabilities while rotating are even more astounding, allowing you to magnify segments of the coin to get a complete understanding of the item. This innovation to the world of coin imaging will undoubtedly help identify technicalities and luster far better than any static image could.

We’re continuing to advance this technology as quickly as we can, however, it’s important to note that while nuTilt can help you examine the technical appearance of the coin far better than any other view available, the color cannot be 100% captured just yet. We encourage collectors to consider all of the images available, as the photographs of the coin will often be the closest representation of the color, while the slab image will display the coin as it appears in the holder, and the nuTilt image will give you ALL of the technical details. We’re certain that this blending of options will help you make even more informed buying decisions, and we hope that with nuTilt we’re able to offer an improvement to our shared hobby of coin collecting!

For more information on DLRC's partnership with nuTilt click here and to view our current inventory of nuTilt coins click here!