Coins We Love: nuTilt News and Newman Portals

Coins We Love: nuTilt News and Newman Portals

Wow! What a week. Thank you for the kind words and constructive help with our new imaging platform, nuTilt. We’ve continued to work through it this week and have added a few slight improvements as we can. Over on our blog we also have a helpful FAQ on nuTilt found here as well as a post that helps delineate the differences in our imaging techniques that you can find here.

We also ended a fantastic auction on Sunday with some really interesting coins. We hope that you enjoyed those offerings and that you get a chance to view the new highlights in this week’s sale!

One more thing to mention this week is that the Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium begins tomorrow! I was asked to speak regarding the building of the Hansen Collection and will be giving a Q&A at 9AM EST tomorrow entitled "Surpassing Eliasberg: The Story of D.L. Hansen and the Greatest US Coin Collection". While I don’t want to ask for attendees as I’m not a great public speaker, if you’re interested in the presentation or one of the other 30 presentations, definitely take a look. It goes all weekend and numerous scholars of the hobby will be speaking about some of their recent passions. It’s an excellent opportunity to give back to the research of the hobby and I'm honored to have been asked to participate. You can find the link to register here:

As for other topics this week, we continue to receive lots of packages of coins and have been processing everything as quickly as we can once it arrives. We do have a few neat consignment groups in the auction and we hope that you’ll find something of interest for you and your collection this week.

As a final note: Due to inconsistencies with current shipping companies and out of an abundance of caution, customers may experience slight delays in shipping.

Thanks again for reading and I hope to get the opportunity to hear from you or work with you soon!

John Brush

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